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Started by demonicplayer09, Aug 18, 2011, 10:46 PM

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well the server is removed from the shr server list soo ill post my review here.
I have been playing Ragnarok Online for almost 7 years,starting from lowrate servers, then moved on to other private servers because of boredom, then i found scaryro  newly opened  high rate/super high rate server with no 3rd jobs, and balance pvp.I like it old school and I realy think that 3rd jobs ruin my RO world.  ::)
->Availability/Stability: 24/7 opened, except for 4-5 down times because of the changelogs and server restarts. But the admin is always readily available. No wipes or rollbacks as far as I'm concerned.(newly opened :D)
->Population: first started as a beta player, there were around 4-5 players , then when it is officially released, there were around 11-20 people,no vendors, a good start for an SHR server. There are time that there are only 7-10 players because of the timeline..  :o
->Community: The players are friendly and are helpful towards newcomers,but that's usually how communities work here. If you're nice, they'll be nice to you. Majority of the players are Filipino but there are some Malaysians, Americans, and Indonesians . Our community ranges from the young people to the veteran players. But of course, no community is perfect and you will find the occasional bullies or jerks. And since this is a PvP server, you might witness the occasional flame wars as well. And lastly you wont see any haters. :D
->Staff/Admin: Basically, there are 2 Admins, both are very active, and one Admin will always be ON in one day, if not both. As for the staff, there are only 1 GMs in total for now and they usually host a series of events. And that's just coming from one GM. The GMs are really helpful and friendly, and they make sure to guide the new players.  All in all, they are all highly professional and serious about there job. Don't try to annoy them too much, though,since GMs are still people. It's quite rare to see events in the mornings,most events are in the afternoon and at night +8 gmt.
->PVP: Pvp is fun here but WOE aint very popular and player just sit around and ignore woe . There aren't a lot of guilds yet, but the server is still growing.Even though some players donated to get items fast(lazy people), normal people like can kill them.
->Economy: EC"event coint" is the main thing in the server. Zen is used to buy costum gears in mall, but because of the frequency of events, farming for gold aint realy usefull. Theres a starters kit to help the new players and it gives them 5 plat coins (1b each), and theres also a mall with a card seller but with out the mvps but theres an mvp room though, its normal on a SHR server :D
->Playability: Like most communities, if you're nice, people will be nice to you and you get accepted. Respect is a main process, after all. This server is a great place to test your skills, builds, join events for fun, make friends, enjoy WOE, or just the occasional chit-chat when we can't find anyone else to talk to. People say RO is dead, but for me different servers are made just to keep RO alive.
->All in all, I plan to stay in this server. The whole pvp is balanced , community is great, and the staff are proffesional. If you ask if I would recommend this server to anyone, I would. Whether you come alone, or in a group, the server is extremely welcoming. As this server is still quite new, it might prove to be a good place to start your RO expierenced.

Community: 8/10
Economy: 10/10
Staff: 9/10
Quest and other stuff to do : 8/10
PvP: 9/10
Stability and Availability: 9/10


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i know that...
thats why i posted my review here lol
even if they give me the prize or anyother s*** i wont take it

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Quote from: EmperiumRo on Aug 23, 2011, 10:35 AM
You should've read this topic before you posted this review lol.!-ec-in-exchange-for-reviews!/

Some people honestly write reviews NOT for items.  Don't assume that everyone is like.  OMGAR FREEBIEZ.  That and there isn't enough space to write a whole lot on the normal review things onthe servers pages.

Anyways, good review, I like how its a little in depth and explains some things about the server.  It is ashame that they were offering incentives for reviews, but hopefully that will teach them the rules of RMS.