A Jelly Review - by moi

Started by SukiChii, Mar 02, 2017, 04:43 AM

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A little more in-depth review of the JellyRO server.
Most of you know the history of this server so let's get that out of the way.
I've been playing on and off for many years, and I can't shake it off. Send help please.

Stability: 9    Availability: 9

It hardly gives me any problems (I'm running a 2G network, which is dial-up for cellular data, in which this game thrives), a few hiccups here and there. They perform maintenance quickly in order to bring new things and fix stuff. They don't last very long.

Friendliness: 8    Eventfulness: 9

Population is low. The very few interactions I've have with the community have been positive. Very few trolls. GMs host events in both forums and in-game, plus they have automated events, so it looks a bit lively! They're also on Discord, where I mostly interact with both staff and players.

Game Masters
Friendliness: 9    Availability: 9    Helpfulness: 8

Again, the interactions I've had with staff have been positive. I hardly see them in-game due to different time zones, but they do log on and stick around answering questions and hosting events. They're a bit unprofessional at times, but for me, nothing too mayor (yet). They do seem to care about the server and want it to prosper, so that's a plus.

Economy: 4    Guild Competition: 5    Class Balance: 6

The economy is dead. Again, the population of this server is low. It peaks around 100-110 (vends and duals?) players in Saturdays when there's WoE. Stuff is pricey and there aren't that many zeny sinks, or ways to make zeny, especially for new players. Unless you're properly geared with items costing millions of zeny, don't expect to make much money here. Nothing sells and very few people buy. The players that have stuck around are those that have been there for years (like myself). While I haven't participated in WoE for years, I can say that there's only a handful of guilds that participate in WoE, so in a way, it's a bit balanced. There are some classes that can take you down very quickly, like Biochemists with Acid Demonstration, Champions with Asura Strike and Snipers with Sharpshooting. You really need to be well geared to participate in WoE and basically non-existent PvP.

Donation Level: Balanced    Customization Level: Extensive

Donation prices have been reduced. Most of the items available consist of consumables, equipment and cards, most of which are essential to make Special Quest Items, custom weapons and accessories. They offer a nice range of services, and have their own custom pets and items. I wish they had more costumes available since most seem to be rewards for events and such, but they also have a way to make costumes in game with zeny.

I honestly have a love/hate relationship with this server. As I said, I've been playing since my high school years, and I have seen it fall, come back up, to fall again, to get back up so many times it's tiring. It really pains me to see go into a deplorable state. This is the first server I've ever played in and I want it to prosper. I want to see the streets full of players and shops as far as the eye can see. I don't know what's gonna happen with this new staff, but again, they do seem to care about the server. I really hope it turns out for the best.

Overall, I give JellyRO a 6.5/10.
Here's looking at you kid.