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Started by Kipod, Sep 11, 2018, 07:42 PM

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Server website:

1. Introduction:
In the end of 2015 the official Russian Ragnarok Online server was closed. In the beginning of 2018 the Innova company advertised a come back of the official Russian server, on a new RevoClassic mechanics.

2. Launch delays
Innova announced the launch of the server on the end of the spring / beginning of the summer, 2018. When the time has come and hundreds of people started to ask too many questions, a series of "tomorrow we will launch the server" occurred. This lasted for about a week. Finally, Innova postponed the launch to the second half of the summer. Meaningless to say, that the Ragnarok community waited the server to launch on a late July, but the server has finally launched on August 15. Those who postponed their vacations from spring to summer according to the first announce have been very disappointed.
Without a doubt, a minus to the trust on the server's administration.

3. Maintenances
Technical works and maintenance are every week on Tuesdays. There would not be any problem with that, if the maintenance was performed during the nights, as it is on many respectful servers. In contrast, on 4Game the maintenance is during the day hours, sometimes till the evening (prime time). This is often followed by the already "usual" delays in technical works endings, forcing the community to wait more and more. The latest maintenance was stated to end at 13:00, then postponed to 14:00, then 15:30. Finally the players were available to play at around 18:00. This and (1) have drastically reduced the community trust in server's administration.
Without a doubt - a minus on this one.

4. Lags
Lags. Lags every time and everywhere. No matter if you are from Russia/USA/Middle East - the server suffers from lags. One would think that technical works on Tuesdays would solve the issue, but the list of improvements after each maintenance consists mainly of items added to the Cash Shop.
A huge minus on this one.

5. Cash Shop
Cash shop consists of relative balanced items (hats without too much stats, "stats"less costumes, consumables). Administration is keeping the Cash Shop balanced. At least for now. Not many customization are available (1 custom cloth's dye, a dozen of hats).
For this aspect of the server I'll give it a plus.

6. Player - Administration relations
Community manager ignores any applications on server's official discord channel. Any criticism regarding server's bugs on a discord channel results in banning. Tickets on a help ticket system keep to be open for two weeks and more.
There was a bug when a larger amount of attackers in the party reduced (!!!) the total amount of experience from killing the mob. This was immediately reported to the administration which resolved the problem in a day. But, no one in the server was aware regarding this bug and will not be, since the administration never posted anything about existing/solving on this one. It just passed over in silence. I know about this bug, since my guild mates found it and reported to admins. With no doubt, there are other bugs which affected all players, which were fixed by the administration without any notice / compensation.
A minus.

7. Community size
A large community (around 3k players).
Relative to the age of the game - a huge plus.

8. Commands available
Not a single command which starts at @ is available. Not even the basic ones - @time (very useful at WoE), @refresh, @showexp, @noks.
A small minus on this one.

9. Kill stealing
This is a huge problem on this server. There is no @noks, nor @revenge commands available. As a result, anyone is stealing the mobs from any other. You can find yourself finding the monster and beginning hitting it when suddenly a swarm of other players from all the directions start to hit it as well. When you lead a group of monsters to your party, you reach it with only 1-2 mobs remaining in your pack. The rest are "kill-stealed" on the way. Administration totally ignores the situation.
A huge minus.

10. Inconsistency episode-content
I'm not exactly aware of the small issues of the revoclassic mechanics, but the server is currently pre-Louyang/Gonryun/Amatsu. However, there is no problem to get monsters from "later episodes" using the Dead Branches. Same happens with Old Card Albums - players get cards of monsters which are currently unavailable in game. This brings some amount of disbalance to the server's economy, when a player sells such cards from using a vending.
Will not score it as there are rumors that this situation is due to the revoclassic mechanics - the NPCs/locations are deleted from a game and added in future updates.

11. Miscellaneous
* No events / daily quests.
* Website doesn't have any database / reference on RevoClassic mechanics.

Summarizing, I'll give this server about 30/100. Fixing lags, instead of adding new items to the Cash Shop as well as improving the relation of administration towards the community and fixing the kill-stealing issue can drastically improve this score.



Thanks for telling us about this official server, I was under the impression that it is still in closed beta.

Most of it is what we can expect from an official server, except the player administration part.  Because as far as I know Gravity US do take care of tickets. 

I didn't expect players would postponed their vacations for the launch.  This sounds a bit silly to me /heh


You can't really expect an official game to enable @commands.. /swt


Half of what's written here, is simply not true or not entirely true :) Aka review just to hate/gather attention.

2)Exact release date was never announced, those who took vacation before actual release date - is a simply blatant idiots to begin with. Not to mention this was compensated with hat which gives +15% exp which lasts for a month. +10

3)Typical technical moment, it was actually much worse on iRo restart at the beggining, they'l learn from it and it'l be better in future. No minus points here

4)Lags mentioned here are actually official "Aegis server software" << can't blame 4game for this, blame kr. But since this is a server review, i'l agree for minus points here. -10

5)Atleast no OP items in P2W shop was appreciated, ty.

6)That bug was known to a lot more ppl than you might think, and like you said was fixed in 24h from report time - i would say this is rather impressive than bad. Community communication on the other hand and tech support is indeed pretty damn bad, but ofc not to the extent you are trying to make it be. -5 points

7)Agree, but it's actually around 4k.

8. Wat? Commands on official server? Are you kidding me? ...... no minus points.

9)Agree, but not like they can ban 90% of the server for them killstealing. And this aint private server for @revenge -10 points.

10)Same thing which was on all revoclassic servers sicne the beggining - no minus points here.

11)That will change shortly, server is a month old and lvl 99 still isn't reached on all classes for exp events to occur.

And the 12) which for some reason you "forgot" to mention.

12)Server is extremely heavily protected from all kinds of software, starting from gray worlds ending with Openkore. Today 14sep exactly 1 month from release has passed and the most ppl done is very very slow pixel based bot which can farm tara's/rockers and requires ps/2 keyboard attached to the pc due to it using that ring0 driver to hide himself from protection and works only on win10 since Frost isn't fully implemented there yet. <<<< I would add +50 points just for this one, compared to trash private servers with Gepard s*** shield where openkore works from day 0.


I tried to play there but since I don't know Russian it was impossible for me. If someone has a way to change the lang to English id be really happy. Another thing is the item from later episodes bug. i really like it. it gives a lot of potential to those who know what and where to farm from later episodes. to boost your char in the actual one. please let me know if its possible to play this serv in English thanks! :)


Quote from: xsoulpl on Sep 14, 2018, 03:51 AM
I tried to play there but since I don't know Russian it was impossible for me. If someone has a way to change the lang to English id be really happy. Another thing is the item from later episodes bug. i really like it. it gives a lot of potential to those who know what and where to farm from later episodes. to boost your char in the actual one. please let me know if its possible to play this serv in English thanks! :)
Unfortunatelly, the administration has clearly stated this one will be available in Russian only. No multi language.

Pu3Ho, I agree with your 12 part. The antibot system is indeed really good. But giving it +50, while giving the community-administration relations -5 points and killstealing issue -10 points? Really? Seems like you really want to defend the administration, compensating for all the negative issues it has with just the fact the server has a good antibot system. This is not an anticheat system advertisement. This is a server review. Almost all aspects of it are quite similarly important. You can't give an anticheat system +50 points while administration ignorance receives just -5. Be a little bit more objective.