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Started by Necro, Jul 28, 2009, 05:56 PM

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I'm continuing my small review for the server 3KingdomsRO. The review on the main site will be posted here as well simply because I feel it should be included here to show people what I'm choosing to elaborate on. I'll try and keep this organized, simple,  and error free but nobody is perfect. The following is my original main site review:

"There isn't much to say about 3kRO other than it's new. This is by no means a bad review because my time there was enjoyable, but this server is definitely not for the RO Gamer looking for a run of the mill RO Experience. Take this route if you are bored of RO and want an experience unlike any RO you've ever played. (I promise it isn't a sales pitch.) There are no GMs, only the admin in case of a reported rule offense, and the admin plays daily so you will see him."

Stability : 10
From the time I played I experienced absolutely no lag and the only time it's unavailable is for the maintenance and whatnot that every server has.

Availability : 10
The server itself is run on it's own computer which is solely used for that purpose in a room with optimal conditions to keep it running. (Ventilation, temperature, etc...) You needn't worry of the server being down other than scheduled maintenance which is posted beforehand to warn players.

Friendliness : 10
There aren't many players at the moment, about 10 or so I'd say. But what players there are, they're fairly active and more helpful than I had expected.

Eventfulness : 1
This follows with the lack of GMs. The only person capable of holding an Event is the admin and I don't know if he plans to start doing them, but it isn't really an integral part of this server like it is in others. I personally find it refreshing as you don't have players who always dominate in PvP events or massive guilds dominating random chance events. You grow because you work for your stuff, and not because you were online at the right time.

Game Masters
Friendliness : 10
The Admin is very friendly and isn't all business like alot of others I've met and talked with, nor does he seclude himself to talking to the "Original" members. I've known him for a few years now and I've yet to see him favor him any player over another.

Availability : 9
The admin, Shidden, is on every day so he's there when you need him.

Helpfulness : 9
As I said earlier, if you need help Shidden is there, if not, he's there as a friend to talk to or whatever.

Economy : 1
With the low population the economy like most other servers, plummets. As the server grows I expect it to grow as well.

Guild Competition : 1
Again, low population means this will suffer, however with the setup of 3kRO's War of Emperium, it's not nearly as bad as other fledgling servers.

Class Balance : 1
Class Balance is is a tough decision because no server ever has perfect class balance. This server especially because the jobs are heavily modified to have skills not native to them, but it still seems to work relatively well. At least for the time being.

In regard to my mini review on the main site, I would like to address the low score on the GM ratings. I gave the GM ratings all 1 because there are no GMs per se and I excluded the admin from the rating.

As for the bit about heavily modified class that I mentioned, I can't go into detail because I haven't checked all of them yet, but off the top of my head I can think of Lord Knights having the ability to Duel Wield Swords similar to Assassins.

You can also choose what class you would like to play from the very start of your character, which is explained in much better detail with a valid reason for doing so ingame.

It would take hours for me to describe everything so just taste it for yourself and see how you like it. Although not for everyone, those who are drawn to it will love it.

Any players interested can find the Server page on RMS here.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you soon.

- Necro