Lenity RO (5x/5x/3x) Review

Started by rererereika, Sep 08, 2015, 04:19 PM

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I've played RO for about 10 years, and the game seems to never grow old for me(I'm sure many of you feel the same!).  I've always played on High Rates or Mid Rates though, so this is my first Low Rate server.  At first, I thought I wouldn't like it...but I'm actually enjoying my time at Lenity.

Lenity is a new server, but it's growing!  With the events that are being held this month, as well as some recent discussion, I'm excited to see new friends  /kis2

I think that the rates are fair, despite my tears after days of farming for one item and it never drops, lol.  /sob  Sometimes, the GM's hold an EXP event(7x/7x/3x) for a day, or a weekend.

On the topic of events, there are automated events every hour, which are quite fun.  I especially enjoy Monster Disguise.  Events give Event Coins, which can be traded in for rewards.  The event rewards are kind of bad right now, but apparently they're working on picking out more rewards(I assume organizing more cute hat boxes and whatnot).
There are other events hosted by GM's as well, which include Hide-and-Seek, Trivia...and they have forum events.

Although the event rewards aren't interesting right now, there are definitely things I want from the other reward shops.  Gotta get those cute hats and such.  /no1

There is a "Lenity Board," which makes this server unique.  It kind of saves you from going insane from grinding/farming  /wah
It has quests that give a bit of EXP, points that can be traded in for decent rewards, and other cool stuff.
According to the staff, they'll be adding more custom quests in the future too.

Donations haven't been implemented yet, but according to the forum, it just seems like they're reviewing the rewards(probably more cute hat boxes and whatnot....yespls I need to be cute).
Keeping this in mind, the staff are keeping the server up and putting in effort out of purely their interest.  They keep the issues reported to them organized, and reply fast.  The server is based in the United States(but is an international server), so unfortunately, the GM's are typically only active in-game during the day in the US.  The best way to contact them is most likely through the forum.

On the subject of GM's, they're very friendly.  Mero is the most active, and you can see her(or sense her, lol) at least once a day for a few hours.  I say "her," only because her GM sprite is female, but the gender of all of the GM's remain unknown upon their own decision.
The GM's are also experienced as staff, and are retired RO players.  They are fair, neutral, and seem to give their full attention to every player when they are available in-game.

The community is great!  They're the most responsive and welcoming group I've encountered, even to people that are playing the game for the first time ever.  Just use #main chat and you'll definitely hear from people.  They might not always appear in town though, because they're probably grinding/farming  /ok

There are a handful of guilds that actively party and recruit.  I really love my guild, and I think they like me too?  lol.  /kis
We share lots of laughs, and just casually talking to them outside of the game is fun.

War of Emperium is going to start soon, I think.  I anticipate it will start near the end of September.  For now, all the fighting happens in Battlegrounds.

I've done some parties in Thors, Abyss Lake, and Cursed Abbey, and they've all been fun.  If there's a player that seems a little lost, people are really patient and help that person out/give them advice.

So far, I've really been enjoying Lenity, although I would have never imagined playing on a Low Rate server.  I'm eager to see how successful it will turn out to be in the future!


I can agree with pretty much everything in the OP.  The staff is pretty swamped, and there is only 3 of them running the show, so it's understandable that they can't be on all the time everyday. With WoE starting up soon, I'm looking forward to playing more here.