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Author Topic: 255/120 MythRO  (Read 1435 times)

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Offline Malfis

255/120 MythRO
« on: Sep 15, 2015, 06:24 pm »

I want you all to introduce you with MythRO : Link here

I'm an PvP & WoE whore, so this server is unique for sure for me.

How? Why?

I tryed this server and I just love it since first moment I started. Basicly you can buy costum items (wings/mid/top/weaps) for 5k zeny in shop npc, but those are ''normal'' eq,  but ofc you could grind to get donation eq from quests, as i saw those are easy too.

Server has costumes too, best one's gives fcp/wind warm/maximum overtrust lv2 , other ones good for looks.

As far as i saw PvP Arena is balanced in one way or another. Yes Asura kids can REKT people unless they wear gr / deviling, but then they will die to prof's that spam bolts. Anyways pvp is balanced, all class have + and - , so you won't dominate Server / PvP Arena / WoE with one char.

WoE promoting donation cash for owning a castle - super! Why? More people to WoE with.

I kinda didin't explored server for 100%, but only one thing which is bad for me = Maya Purple Card, it should be removed for flawless game play, even that card is 1% drop, but with @warp you can go as far as you wish to farm / camp maya p.

Best part you get basic pvp mvp cards from Freebies + lower tier armor set.

Admin is active and keep supporting players on random moments, you never gonna know when it gonna rain useful item required for some quests (even tought you can obtain those in gold dungeon / monster dungeon) 

Anyways server more focusing to Phillipines players, thats why i'm asking for rest of community beside Phillipines come and try server to pwn those gang bangers and show them who's in charge at War of Emperium!

be part of something fun an challenging.

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