2004 Classic Ragnarok Online

Started by Neferpitou, Mar 25, 2017, 10:26 PM

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Hi there!

Let me ask, do you love classic game play? Classic Map, Classic Respawn monster? For sure, this server will you love it!
Well I am here to give a honest review on this server. I would like to share with you the wonderful and worst of this server. So lets start with good side..


The server has a MVP ranking, which is very exciting for those people who love MVP'ing. The PVP room is in 1 map which has auto resurrection after 3 secs, the resurrection area  is random inside the PVP room. At the middle it has healer NPC will heal you at full hp and buffs you of Agility and Blessing (Healer NPC has a cool down of 5 secs or more "not sure about that"). That features makes the PVP intense!! And this server is playable in Android platforms, so great right?! And the server has rental items of equipment and a lot of head gear quest!


The community are composed of different nationality, Indonesia, Malaysian and Philippines (I believe other nationality are present, but I don't know where they are from). As you can see, most of majority players are from SEA, it's perfect for SEA players to gather in 1 Ragnarok Server and compete each other. Despite of different nationalities, each one of them are capable to speak in English. They can understand each other, transact each other and make a party with each other. Sometimes players speak on their local language, but it's not cause of language barrier since most of the time the main language they are using is English.


Economy is quite good, all you need from leveling equipment and cards are present in the market. The economy is already established and already stable.


The server is very stable, in fact the server has 4 or 5 proxies to choose when you would like to log in. I beleive, 1 proxy in Hongkong, 2 or 3 proxy in Singapore and 1 proxy in U.S (Not sure of U.S). In my experience, I am playing from SEA, the ping is very low, I am using Hongkong Proxy and I am still amaze how my movement in game are so real time when I click the mouse. Like what I said, the server is very stable and they are giving a news when the server need to have a maintenance.

Now I am done with good side, lets go in not so good side.


Despite of what I mentioned above, I feel that there still something missing. Maybe a lack of content like Story Line quest and automated events and. Despite of that, the PVP it self and guild war is enough to make your boredom kill inside the server.


The peak of the server was around 1.2k before, but as of now when weekend the peak of players are around 700++ only. 700 players included those who @autotrade, and duals from Android Platforms. Despite of those numbers online, the party is quite difficult to have. Maybe you will spend not less than an 1 hr to have a party (sometimes you will have very quick if you are lucky). When I was lowbie, there are always Indo players who leeching the lowbies like me, HO leeching with priest and crusader=Wonderful moment /lv). Despite the small number of unique/active player inside the game, they are very helpful for those new comers.


Before the Episode of this server is Episode 5 only, and it become Episode 6. Wayback at Episode 5, the economy is good, but when the Episode 6 came in some items are relatively become high (maybe because of the new update). Farming nowadays become more easy anyway. :)


To be honest, this server deserve more active players. Unfortunately it  has only 700+ players together vendors and dual log ins. For me, this is the major not good on this server. So maybe this is one of my reason why I wrote this review.

That's all I can say about this server.
This is my honest review for this server.  Besides, like what I said if you love classic this server is for you.

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