2 cents on I heart RO

Started by The Lizard, Jun 27, 2013, 08:39 PM

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The Lizard

Ive stayed here in this server for almost a year now. I believe I am qualified to say a ton of stuff
and everything Ill write down are both the undeniable and unconventional truth about the server.

In this review, I would only tackle the  major issues concerning the IheartRO.

If you're a pvp/woe competitive maniac like me , you'll have a roller coaster ride staying in this server. These days, its so damn difficult to find a good Highrate pvp server that is not so"DragonBallish"(WayOverexxageratedPVPstyle). Fortunately, this servers offers you the old RO  PVP experience and how it used to be fun before the release of the 3rd classes. Almost every classes are pretty much playable and practical to use in pvp, sure there are still some overpowered jobs, yet with a few tweaks , it can attain a decent sense of equilibrium.  PVP is fun - but only  if that is you get to fight someone in the first place. Majority of the people  on the server are RP players(mostly sits and afks in town) , and they only show up to fight during woe. Basically you only have an hour in everyday to have a chance of tasting everyone's blood in the server. So what im saying here is, pvp is desolated most of the times.

WOE in the other hand, is sorta circumstantial. There's always just two groups competing in the server; and they're not even balanced. Its always a ratio difference of  1:3 players. If you plan to join the bigger/dominating guild, you'll have to wait forever just for one or two to enter your castle.  While if you're on the smaller/losing guild, you are always out of the advantage, and be prepared to be horded for the entire hour. So yeah, either which side you join, you'll have to face these dilemmas, either be bored waiting for nothing; or be bored without even having the chance to fight at all.  This issue has been plaguing woe for months now. Its just unfortunate that not everybody is  willing to shuffle out ,make sacrifices  ,and undergo changes for the sake of balancing the competition of the server.

One last problem id like to point out, is the slow updates and slow progress  of changes. Normally, it takes weeks, or  worse, months before an important patch be implemented. I know a lot of players who already left because of this major problem. Some of them grew impatient waiting for broken stuffs be to be fixed.
Not only it does take long, but the adms also have a problem  of prioritizing the important updates to those that are not. Its really frustrating to watch how long it takes to fix bugs that are dismantling the server.

Regardless of everything Ive said, I am still confident to  say this is a good server.  Besides the 3 issues ive pointed out, everything else is fun and enjoyable.
The people in the server needs to open their eyes more; they should be able to identify and give importance to the server's strengths and weaknesses. Like what I said earlier, the community should be willing to take it up to themselves  and learn to sacrifice for the better; not just linger  inside their comfort zone, while watching the server decay in their own eyes.  IhRO has so much potential of being the best, well for me at least.  I loved it so much that its heart breaking  to see how it fails and keeps on missing the chance of being the no.1 HR server.  That is Ihro for me.