Review on Limit-RO (Renewal)

Started by michaelyana, Jul 24, 2015, 05:38 PM

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Limit-RO a nostalgic place that brings back memories. /no1

I am excited again from playing this server after a long break from Ragnarok Online. It's been up since 2009 and up until now.
I stopped playing Limit-RO 3 years ago because everyone needs a break right?  /heh been busy irl tbh...
Basically, the question is... Why should i play again on this server? /ho
My answer is simple, the precious memories and the friends i made here... i want to experience it again.  /ok

[9/10]DDoS protected with the lates Anti-Hack and No Lags on gameplay with an IBM company Host based in US.

[9/10] 99% Uptime with Weekly maintenance to ensure game is always updated and Lag-free.

[10/10] Ahh, the community is superb! Very friendly community with active Battle Grounds,WoE, PvP and Dungeon Instances recruitment, you won't get bored because Online players ranges from 300-400 normal days and 400-500 WoE Hours. /no1

Game Masters
[9/10] Helpful GMs that can answer your questions. The development team is doing a great job and they are taking suggestion from players.

Even though the game is old since it's been up since 2009 the GM finds a way to deplete the zeny of the server by way of Supply Npc that sells Royal jellies, giggling Boxes, Elemental converters, resist potions etc... with a reasonable price. And also Rental Hats that last for 1 week that cost 1m-3m if i am not mistaken. Also if you are a Newbie you can easily farm zeny on some farming spots.  /no1

Class Balance
Balanced like an elephant tiptoeing on a tip of a needle. No class is left out behind. nuff said  /no1

[10/10] Who loves Hats?! so many Hats here mostly RMS, i made like 400+ kinds of hat on my 3years gameplay XD
There are Cosmetic hats, Costumized Donation hats, Official Wings and backpack.

[10/10] There is always an event when GM goes Online  /heh Bomberman event, Crack the Code event, the hourly automated events, the Season events Spring, Summer,Fall,Winter events, Valentine's day, Chinese New Year, White Day, Halloween, name it... u won't get bored  /no1

[9/10] Overall, I am happy i chose this server, it gave me good memories and friends. /lv Try it, u won't regret playing on this awesome server.