Vivid Ro Review

Started by Blessings, Jul 12, 2015, 03:22 PM

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Population sucks in this server due to past controversies caused by a banned player in rage and server hack and rollback. But what can I say of this server I feel it's still the best server on the ragnarok platform where gameplay matters and not money to win. Gm Reality, Amy, Luna, Onichan, Emotang work hard and one of the most supportive, friendly, charismatic and dedicated Gms I ever encountered.  The compensation after roll back was fair and all donation credits of my friends were returned back just by giving PayPal email to gm reality. There are many experienced nd real pro woe, bg, pvp and Pvm players playing on this server who have a lot of experience and knowledge about ragnarok on this server. They don't have a pinch of ego in sharing their knowledge and ideas to new players via active conversations and posts..Even though a lot of players who left the server due to past contreversies and rollback never turned back again, there are new guilds and players slowly coming into the server. Vivid is the most entertaining server I have ever played on. I hope reality and his staff work more hard on getting in new ideas to keep ragnarok alive as a game and not a business like I feel most of the servers are doing . I want this server to never die and keep going . I don't want to believe the bitter truth.
Good Luck Vivid Ro  /kis