Seireitei Ragnarok Heroes Saga

Started by Paradoxical, Mar 20, 2019, 03:20 PM

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My name is James and I have been lucky to be a part of Jasc's servers since many years ago. It still blows my mind till this day to see the type of content and work put in a server by one person. Lots of servers have a team when it comes to server development but as far as I know, he does it all himself. I want to say thank you for giving players a unique experience and a chance to play on such an excellent well thought out private server.

I was part of the beta test that was going on and got to play for 2 weeks prior to server grand opening which should be launching soon. I received a private tour of the server which was a real eye opener as it took almost an hour to walk me through all the content. So let's get into it, there is a lot of cool things, and it is worth my time to share my experience with the public.

Drag and drop installer, as easy as it gets.

Gepard Shield 3.0 Start up, nice Bleach theme launcher with all registration links that go to the website for account creation. Nice to know that server is looking to deter hackers and cheaters in general making it for a more fair and balanced gameplay.
Server has a great introduction for new players. You start off in a room where you click on a computer and it brings up server information via text + images for easy to follow features and customizations. Before you are taken to the main city, it eases you into the server.

I am provided a Pokemon Pet, some pet food, and upper/middle/lower costume items which I can talk to an NPC to choose any iRO or custom look they have in their database. It is quite extensive, I believe they have over 3000+ to customize from.
As a new player starting out, there is a founders box which includes mercenary scrolls, some in-game currency, rental equipment's, and their exclusive donation item Fallen Wings which is a lower headgear that gives +1 all stats and a slot. This item is later used for more powerful items that are end game content.

Another promotion available right now is the @maxlevel command that is usable once per person. I think it is a smart way to get more players in to try the server as leveling is quite a grind and I am sure most people have started over and over again with the life expectancy of most private servers. I get to choose a class of my choice and it is instantly leveled to 99/70.
Amazing introduction, everything is covered, I am given lots of valuable equipment with usable purposes and not just handed a bunch of useless things, I think I am ready to take on the world.


iRO style combat gameplay. Very enjoyable and nostalgic. Convenience of a warper that can save your last warp/favorites etc. and just basic mall all in one with iRO equipment in one place. I absolutely love the Pokemon Pet and Support Priest that is available for hire. The pokemon pet can attack monsters when you are attacking or get attacked by monsters. This is added DPS and it is amazing addition to light up monsters and be a slayer in the dungeons. The support priest that can be hired provides buffs and heals. It is an excellent addition to the party and quite tanky I must say. I feel like I am in group play all the time and it only gets bigger when we go in a party. The gameplay is very fun, the PVM mechanics are prevalent and unique which I have never experienced in other servers. Who doesn't want to feel like chuck Norris in a dungeon with mummies?

Mind blowing additions:

MVP Respawn Timer/Warper – There is a countdown timer for when an MVP will respawn after it has been killed. There is also a warper that warps players there and locates MVP for you via convex mirror. Excellent convenience feature and efficient use of timing to plan on MVP kills.

Auto attack feature – I am eating a snack and I just type in @autoattack and my character will wander around normal attacking monsters. It is almost like a bot pretty much but built into game. This helps with farming and keeps the trend as a casual game with lovely convenience features. Seeing as it is a PK server above level 80, people can still come and ambush you for fun.

Equipment swap – Using commands @exquip1, @exquip2 etc. players can swap certain gears that they choose with a simple command which I bind to my hotkeys. If I am fighting different monster races, types, I simply use a command to switch to that gear and I am ready to go fight instantly.

AFK fishing – Players can leave their game on while they catch a movie, shower, etc. Allows players to be productive and fish for valuable food items, currency, potions etc. The server keeps players time into consideration and makes most during active and inactive periods.

Wild Pokemon + Safari Zone + Pokedex System – Players can catch Pokemon in the wild, or in the safari zone, and then register those pokemon in the Pokedex and get rewards from Oak. Players can also trade in extra Pokemon to purchase evolution stones or power up existing pokemon.

SeireiteiRO Heroes Saga will turn heads and the gameplay speaks for itself. It is a well thought out server and there is so much to love about it. If you don't try it, you won't understand all the things that make it great and how it stands so far out from the rest. So much of the content is custom and cannot be found in any other servers.


Hey James!

Thanks for the review, glad you enjoy the server, your feedback has made it what it is today.


Excellent server, very player vs monster focus but also pvp balanced. Player can have army before fighting mvp with pokemon, support priest, mercenary. Great starter pack for new players too so it is easier. Hardcore mode for hunting also one of my fav


I'll see for my self, see you Jasc


nice server with many custom features that chill out me much, here some review after i play this for 3 days:
+ Pokemon: Your best pet ever, they have most of pokemon from gen 1 - gen 6, each pokemon will have different skill that help every of your playing style( Legendary pokemon can cast 3rd skill). You can catch pokemon in farming map or safari event.
+ Mercenary: they offer you pokemon mercenary that support 2 roles: support and tanking, both are good for your pvm purpose.
+ Quest to make hat and legendary hat: yeah you can do quest to make some cute hat and legendary hats are some that offer high boost to stat.
+ Mini games: Server have many mini games for us to play each hour, each game reward us with spirit vouchers that you can use to exchange cash point or sell for money( 1 spirit voucher = 150.000 zeny)
+ Custom stuffs on map:
   - You can mining when farming in some dungeon, the farming level effect your reward( don't be sad if at level 1 you can only receive stone lol)
   - Snake family appear in all maps, killing them will reward you with a potion that help you restore full hp
+ Stuff to do when afk: currently im choosing fishing( chance to have dye stuff to make hat and spirit voucher)
+ Many new things, i need to explore more.