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I don't suggest this server.
A very high "GM Abusive" thing.
Are you good friends with the Admins there? If you're, you can Scrip/MultiPack/Get free items secretly.
They can be a jack donkey when it comes to nerfing, they would probably nerf the stuff when they got all the items they need.
The Gms/Admins there are pretty young and they can be very Immature. "imma tell my brotha to ban u for skill spamming"
Jailing/banning us for using Scrips and such, when he does it himself. The entire GM Team does it actually.(This is not the main problem)
When we come to think of it, alot of people think he gives item out to his friend, while his friends sit in town all day.
They jail people for bad reasons. Like a Linker in town is Soul Linking people, he jails them.
When his Guild got pwned in PvP, by Edp Soul Linked Assassin Cross, he "Muted" our linkers, so we won't Link and beat them
He acuses Double Client is illegal and such crap. (When alot of other people does it, yes I know it is illegal in some ways/servers.)
ALSO!Le is lying about the server rate, it is wierd, and I don't even know how to compare it to the drop rates I see.
A example on Cultivation Kill Stealing, his so call friend Kill Steal A Cultivation, in return, his friend did not get Jailed.(This was reportable)
He jailed someone with Gtb Card because he was afraid he was going to get owned in WoE again.
He made a Devil Square, so his Guild Mate could Ad everything(That he @item for him) to kill all the Mvps inside, so he can get the loots/try to get a card/and such.
He and his friend, got the valkrie sets, so all of his main friends can get the entire set. The next day, he lowered all the rates so no one can get it that fast/from a 100% to 10%. WIthout notify anyone, until he did it. Or announced it. We had to find out

I don't really suggest this server for anyone. Yes, i'm one of the people who got Jailed/Banned.


Well, you posted on the ratemyserver rating, but got reported and his account got deleted. Also, you "Goody" friends were duping, using third program. You never report the "Cultivation Kill Stealing" because you are scared that he is going to tell the GM that you guys were using third program to cultivate. "Entire GM Team does it actually" only 2 GMs that have @item, thank you...which is me and another admin. And we don't

I didn't jail your friend because he had "GTB and going to own people", it's because he WAS the one that was using THIRD PROGRAM, and the server rules say it clear.

"I don't really suggest this server for anyone. Yes, i'm one of the people who got Jailed/Banned."

And you were the one that was duping money, and using third program.

Also what is a scrip?


Try the server and see if it likes what he


I didin't dupe.
Like, check my items, they were all "LEGIT"
They "ALL" have a Id #
Also, I didn't use a TPP, try looking at your forums FYI.
I bet atleast 3-7 people in your server knew this before me. :P
Admitting wouldn't hurt.

Seals didn't "dupe" all your friends know man...and one of your friends told me that you dupe.
All the items have "ID #"
Oh yeah, your brother/or/yourself have 112m in like one second...(If that isn't call duping, then what do we call it?)


corruption duh... Listen seals it might not be you who gave those s*** out. Maybe sum other GM. You never know....
just wipe the damn server  :o

anyway ya i think SOME players in seals particularly 1 player i thought was VERY UN-legit... thats why i left the next day...  :-\


Lol...Wipe the server. No thank you..
I don't need to wipe the damn whole server just for dupers...All I gotta do is check the list of the items they have and delete them..and the dupers are banned...

All the characters are legitly made...Except dupers...that I just banned.

Moreover, the server has been up for 1 month now...So people hunted their items and equips..and it's not "super" difficult to find good equips and items.

After those dupers left, we have more people in the server


My stuff are legit.
I so did not get 112mil in one secound.
So you're saying I can't gather zeny from my friends and get 112Mil up myself in the ranking?
So you're gonna Ban me because you're so lazy to investigate what happen and such?
Just because one person said I duped, it is true right?
Hey, Yoda been giving items out. Dude plz lyke ban him he a ungud gm u no???
Yeah, you heard what I said, now Ban him. You don't need to investigate anything.
While we're talking about "Ban" why was Drift Ban? Because he is a friend of us?
How come you're so hating? :p
Don't say "because you're the owner of the server, you do whatever you want"
Because that is just the most retarded thing to say.(That is what Owners of the server say when they got owned by players.)


Btw Yoda (one of the GMs) didn't tell me that you was one of your friends lol and I'm not telling who..just ask your friends that you have. And I was not planning to ban you because I know that your stuffs are legit...but after James got banned for using third program, you duped money and again...your friend said...not any of the GMs. And Drift didn't get banned. Yoda can't give items out...

And I never "Because I'm the owner of the server, I can do whatever I want"


I was not point at Yoda.
Like I stated, you didin't bother investigating did I dupe or not.
And you still Ban me. :p
And I'm just saying how my so call friend said it to you.
He said I was duping, so you banned me.
Now, i'm gonna do the same. Yoda is giving items out, Ban him.
Don't investigate if he can make items or not. Like the same you did to me, you didin't check if I even duped or not.
I could of gotten the zeny from my friends.


I checked control panel and game console before I banned you. Lol. I wouldn't ban people for no reason.

AND it was your friend SAW you duping...and he told me right I went and checked.

and you didn't get money from your friends and you never vend...don't deny that you weren't's too obvious.


I do vend actually.
I vend on the account named "gasing"
The character Fcp You, is my character. Now what?
Now I don't believe that you actually investigate.


Oh yeah...

The game console said pretty clear...."Send packet from ****(your IP)" and it says "Bad packet is sending from *****(your IP)

and I checked the IP...and asked your

You "vend" but not lately?


Because I don't play Sealsro anymore, lol.
I always vended LOL...


I think he needs proof that he was banned because he duped...

So here..

From loginlog in SQL...I just delete other information of other people.
And here from control panel...
his infos...

Enough of proof?

Then he xfer his money to another char...because he KNEW that he's getting banned for duping money.


SealsRO does abuse GM powers. I swear.They let people get away with calling people jews and the 'N ' word. Then they act like, " Oh well, it's not that big of a deal. >>; They're my friends. Wow. Who cares. " Plus, they also let people get away with hacking. They could care less about what happens in the server, but hey.. you're kinda right. They do get items secretly. Not like I haven't seen GR on a few racist people around the server. I think the only thing they jail people for is for being a "donkey" for defending themselves or spamming/chat-in-the-middle-of-the-road. It doesn't matter how many times you report a hacker or a racist. They aren't going to ban them because of GM abuse. >_> Really bad server. Hey, my friend got silenced for spamming for (4 months.*) Some knight was spamming in pront for hours.. Did a GM bother? No. The gms don't even f*** look at screenshots.

* Thats a long time.

Yeah, the person called my friend a nigger, then me a nigger. Then again on another day. Right in front of the GM. Just because I defended myself. They don't even f*** get banned. >_>

Plus, it only has a full installer. -.-