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It's w/e and to aurora you were always an a****** and if anyone reads this please report it because i dont realy want it up anymore that is why i edited it.


woah.. this server just like Limit RO where Money is what the GM wants


woah you're retarded and need tog e tover limit ro..... :o
Quote from: Temjin on Feb 16, 2010, 12:07 PM
You are a f*** idiot. Why you even bother to post here, I will never know. It is BEYOND ME.


Were you really playing RO there? o_o
QuoteWhatever floats your boat.


The server is quite unbalanced, and it makes it difficult because most of the maps have pk enabled, but this can just be countered by running away or using fly wings.  Once you do some quests, and get some good items, you will be able to withstand a few hits from donation players.  They did a smart thing and lowered the requirements for all of the quests by 50% so it's not impossible anymore to make items.  They also added more dokebis to the gold room and they drop 5 gold instead of 3 now.

I say this is a very good server if you prefer to not PvP and you know what you're doing and have some intelligence so you don't need to ask the GM's or Admins for help because the Admins are very unfriendly and not very helpful.  Honestly, I think the only reason the Admin keeps this server going is because he gets a lot of money from the crazy donation prices (80 Euros for some, some are even more), so he just puts up with everything.  They've also included a lot of security features in the last week or so, and have a reward system for voting because they need more players.

I suggest getting a Soul Linker as your first character, they have a lot of skills from other classes, like champ and Wiz.  Soul linker with high jump and storm gust ftw. :D


Well, there are stupid servers and good servers. You just have to try each out.


RaTH, you are right about the server unbalancing and stuff, but let's not forget that you were, even if indirectly, a donator. You had overpowered items and tons of zeny, but in fact, I agree with you, the server has gone mad, the only thing Frost cares about is the donations money, for example a few weeks ago, he wiped the mithril coins and many people ncluding me lost sevral billion zeny, but everything has a good side, the security sistem is awesome, and its impossible to be hacked now (you can only be hacked by the admin) but sadly, your point of view just reveals us the terrible truth. In these days, everything is a way of financial gain, even RO, which was originally designed for entertainment.


Well Well Well, Would you look at that? Rath played on the server since it oppened and now talks trash about it.
Well rath i understand you lost items and so did everyone including me, + not all GM's sit around and do nothing
and you know that. So before you start trashing the whole server, you should consider the fact that you were a
donator and the fact that you knew me well enough to know that i do my job as a GM and that you were banned
plenty of times for breaking rules, disrespecting players and etc. So dont talk crap about the Server Rath.
Have a Nice Day
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1. i didnt lose any zeny at all so its not even about that.
2. am i not alowed to tell the truth about the server??
3. yes i was a donator and im just telling people that its basicly a waste of money.
4. after being very very loyal to this server for over a year i just get banned and i dont know how an idiot like you kizuki could of possibly gotten a gm position.
5. you say i was banned numerous times which is not even close to true because ive only been banned once which was after i wrote THIS review, which now makes me wonder.


HAHAHA Rath....Do you think the Gm`s and admins are sitting around laying eggs??
You must be joking....This server is more about making friends,WoEing,Questing and loads more...not PvP alone...
If the admins had not wiped the mithrils and true cards...You would still be complaining that people would be overpowered and have 2k+ Mithrils..
Its not the admins fault the russians "hacked" the server.It could happen to any server that you`d play.Everything is stable now that the admin removed all the miths and true hyo cards..I think the server is better than when it started off..Thats all...


 :oWOW sound so bad maybe u guys should try to play v-ro.ogameplayer.com its a mid rate server just new server but hmmmmmmmmm maybe u guys just try it for more info just visit the server web  ::)


First of all, some of the claims were right, some of them were not.

Coming from someone who played from pretty much day one, and was a GM on (now HyoRO) FrostRO for a pretty good while, this server wasn't always bad, nor is it nothing but bad.

It's true, the admin. of Hyo has made some seriously rash decisions, and sometimes, dare I say, stupid decisions, but a lot of the things I've seen him do actually was for the good of the server. That doesn't go without saying, however, there was a lot of corruption among the GM team, and among the players. Here we go:

1. any idiot with money can be strong on this server all they have to do is donate for a few equips like a 1 handed bow that does 100% (yes you can wear 2 of them for 200% dmg) and a death set that adds 10,000+ hit/flee and 4500 all stats and 50% reflect...

Though I have to admit that the donation items were over the top, that was not completely true. While I was playing on FrostRo there were plenty of people who could kill the donators. That doesn't go without saying that those people were mostly people who did use the classes that were easily overpowered (though most of the classes were overpowered as it was, due to the massive rates that the server eventually introduced; 10k being the very first rates on the server). So, you didn't have to have money in order to be strong, nor did you have to have donates.

2. The GMs are horrible usualy they just sit around and if you have any questions either A. none of them know or B. they say well i dont feel like looking it up go to ratemyserver.net

This statement is almost 100% false. Every GM I have seen come and go did do their job, some more than others. It's true that there were corrupt GMs there, but they usually never lasted, and that doesn't justify them not doing their job. Myself, and a few choice other's who's name I will not bring into this did their job as best as they could, and were plenty active as well. As goes for "B", there were a lot of GMs that did that, and it's true, GMs are not there to tell you "go look here", they're there for support at that moment.

3. The server is constantly hacked by russians and you can never buy/sell your stuff because if you buy a hacked item off someone the admin will simply ban you because he wants to be "safe"

This statement, I can say for sure, is not true (besides the hacking portion). People who bought hacked items were not banned, the people who were hacked were banned for a certain period of time in order to investigate, and plenty of those players were unbanned after the Russian hacking was stopped. Coming from someone who was there when the very first hacking like that happened (which apparently turned out to be people from Brazil) stuff like getting banned for buying it off of someone never happened. The most that happened were the items that were hacked off of a GM account and found on a player, the items were simply removed from the account. I know this for a fact because I was present the entire Russian hacking.

4. assuming everyone is scared to buy anything from what has been said above THE ECONOMY BLOWS.

I can't disagree much on this one. To begin with, when FrostRo took its first baby steps, the economy was pretty awesome. Though, recently, and the server grew, the economy did grow pretty bad, mainly because of actions taken by the admin. and things that were allowed to slide when it came to the rules. However, there are a lot of players that are nice, and willing to help.

5. The admin lets everyone turn their equips into cards and then insert them into headgear slots etc. then decides its a bad idea and deletes everyones equips.

What? I don't recall this happening, though it could have happened during a break I took from FrostRo.

6. bottom line the server is dumb and just ygg constantly with their 30k ygg berries and this makes them invincible...

This statement doesn't even make any sense. O_o; The only times YGGs were used was during PvP, they were disabled in WoE as far as I recall, and even in PvP it's easy to create a strategy to get around it.

7. woe is dominated by donators so its no fun for new people or non donators because they will walk in to an emp room and get killed in 1 hit by a star glad with hatred on 3 classes (and when i mean 1 hit i mean 1 hit they do like 60 million+ dmg with quad atk

This statement I also can't disagree with. A lot of the players had complained about that while I was still there, and nothing was done about it.

8. This server is retarded and the admin never replies to any criticism he just bans you.

Frost never banned anyone for expressing their opinion in a non-rude fashion. That statement is 100% false.

In conclusion, it's very true that this server is far from a good one anymore. Had things stayed like they were from the beginning, this server probably could have easily turned out to be a pretty awesome HR. However, like I already said, the server isn't completely bad. As far as I'm concerned, there are still players there that do care, and are willing to help. As far as the GM team goes, I've not met any of the newer GMs that replaced the awesome veteran GMs (excluding one, corrupt veteran GM), so I can't comment on how they do.

So, yes. There is a lot of corruption not only among the GM team, but the players. Yes, the server isn't as good as it used to be, and no, I wouldn't suggest making the server somewhere you'd take root, anymore.

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all of you just sucked donkey... HyoRO is a great server so if you suck so badly... don't blame it on teh server... (>.>)

hey what are all these stupid f*** scribbles on your test?

Every post that disagrees to the previous to Aragorn is a flame or insult.


Keep posting like that Gorn and I wonder why you didn't get a ban. This are reviews from people and their views. You could say post is your view but its not a valid review. State why its a great server and why you're better than the rest. Don't bother posting "I am better.Sorry. (>.>)" because people won't even take you seriously.

(I short formed your name :D)
QuoteWhatever floats your boat.


Aragorn so far you've been warned,moderated and muted, don't spam/flame/ or troll anymore.....
or else k? cause you know there are only 4 warn levels x3