Started by RaTH, May 06, 2008, 09:27 AM

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Sup Rath! Shaun here ;D

Anyway the server is a bit over the top I agree.. Basically if you're a donator and know about cards etc on the server then PVP and Woe can be pretty fun, but if your new and need to do quests and don't donate then you're in for a long rough ride but if you have patience and don't mind being hunted by donator's then I guess it's okay for you :P.

The server has pretty much gone down hill since I first started playing.. I mean at first me and my friends made a guild and it was a good challenge, we quested heaps and it was actually a really good challenge and a fun server to play, but overtime the server owner "Frost" started making more and more donation items.. Death sets came in and then Captains which have every single skill in the game.. This threw the server into unbalance! I was the first to have a captain on the server and I have donated a fair bit to the server, besides the downward spiral the server has gone in over the last year it's probably still the best server I have ever played because I actually like to PVP and the customs, custom monsters etc make it pretty fun.

I still believe Frost made some bad decisions overtime but really he just wanted to keep the server fun and interesting, but I don't think Frost listened to the player's enough.. He went way over the top with donation items.. Releasing more and more Death sets, I mean sure they look good but damn why do you need so many ? I dunno, i'll let you figure that one out for yourself.

In Conclusion
If your a donator and love "MANY" custom items then this server is for you.
If your a PKer and don't mind being killed by crazy strong players then this server is for you.
If you like quests and collecting items but don't mind being killed by crazy strong players then this server is for you.
If you enjoy crazy PVP and Woe.. and when i say crazy you need to have fast fingers to heal fast enough and you better know what your doing and work hard to get the items or just Donate then this server is for you.

Basically if you don't fit into the above categories then don't even bother playing there.. It will drive you insane and you'll quit rather fast.

I still play there from time to time but recently I have other comitments so I can't play as much as I used to, anyway overall the server is fun but it's alot different and more for those hardcore players that can stick it out and see beyond all the rubbish on the server.

I know Rath still plays there and what he say might be true but in the end it's still fun.. But we are donator's so yeah it's alot easier for us.

Anyway might see some of you on there.. Sorry if I kill you i'm bit of a PKer.. ah well :P