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Wondering about TjRO


um i'm not quite sure if the server is bogus or not but it's not letting me register and there's almost no information on the site. Is there anyway to get in contact with the admin there and try to see if this server is acutally up? it seems nice.

did you download their patch from their filefront link then connect and try register with the _M/_F method?

it's not anything new to see servers died before starting =/ it's sad, if you have tried the above and no success i'll put it on my grey list (to be check & remove later) lol

thanks for informing, if everyone report to me servers that are suspect to be dead i'll have a alot more cleaner list.

I dunno why i posted dis, sorry.

 Random blurtout, unrelated to topic

Minor warning Totzie.. unless you can clarify what you mean.


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