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Started by EuphPriest, Jan 04, 2007, 02:57 PM

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Euphro posted screens from a different server on their main page.  This confuses because they don't have those guilds and that many playters.  Enchanters don't play euphro anymore but they in screens posted.  Is this allowed?


the version I heard of was the screenshots were taken before a wipe, which is allowed because it's still Euphro.

Is it a different server? o.o i can't tell from just looking at the screenshots.


It is still called Euph but is a completely different server.  The old server went down, the host is differnt, the gms are different, players are different, webpgae is different, and anima sponsros this one.  If they call this a wipe then i could make any new server with an old server name and say it was wipe.

Another question.  They accuse me of being banned for bot in my review.  This not true as I never been ban for bot and still have active account there.  It does discredit reveiw though and I don't think it fair to call all bad reviews bots.  Some are but some may have real issues with parts of server.

Thank you for help


Well it's still the same server owner, some old GM's (Engel for example), some new, but still same rates etc. So I'd still say it's the same old server. And animaRO did sponsor them by lending them a server until they cold move to their own, appereantly they still keep the banenr up as a "thank you" of sorts.

Anyway all of those screenshots are from euphRO, and most are from after the whipe, but yes I did spot a few pre-wipe in there.

And no I'm not trying to defend EuphRO, But I am an old EuphRO player, but I don't feel liek going back to low rates after loosing 8 months of work, especially not after having setteld in on ym current server. But that dosn't mean I can't offer my side of the story and what I've heard right? Especailly when it sounds like soeone is out to discredit them. Leave them be, they hurt themselfs enough when they wiped the server, thats not something that will be forgotten easily and alot of players won't trust them easily again. They don't need stupid rumors ontop of it.

(I got no clue abotu the whole bot accusations though, so I won't comment on that.)


ewww just pics :)
Posted on: January 09, 2007, 05:32:37 PM
hmm looks like ancient RO :(
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