this may sound very very weird but read

Started by Honorbydeath, Oct 19, 2006, 04:37 PM

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i want a 100/100 vote deleted from my servers vote
byt moonlight
because i asked the server to plz vote and he thought he was funny by pasting a fake vote so id like him unable to post on my server again and thx and delete his 100 i want my server legit i dont want some a$$hole making me look bad because he is a **** so thx admin and nice site
my server is rising ro v2


you need to send me an email with your server owner's email account to verify your identity, sorry for any inconvinence.  Please include your server name, poster's name and other information you think is needed.  Thank you.

edit: my email is admin at ratemyserver dot net 
(yes it's @ and .net, i put "at" and "dot net" to avoid stupid net spider to grab my email and spam it, but it's too late anyway)


i sent you a email but just keep it i guess since all other servers tell idiots to say kk thx it ownz blah blah and other bs and put 100s at least they didnt do that so i guess its all good for now ill tell them to no longer do this tho because i want legit votes