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Everyone but a couple people gave the server a 100/100 review, and they were all around the same time because if you look on the side you can see that they are far apart since BrettsRO is on there about 5 times. 

Loki FortunaRO:
Well... it's entirely possible the server is just pressuring it's players to rate, or even possibly rewarding it.  However, I agree that NO server should get a 100... let alone nearly unanimous 100s!  That seems like skewed voting.

they signed up on  2007-01-12, of course they are going to tell their players to make some reviews, that's normal =/ for servers that are not brand new but newly signed up ... usually players of the server give a near to 100 rate if they like the server, can't do much just hope ppl be honest

Of course you can expand the staff in ratemyserver
and have some of them play for a few days
on another server and review some of them.

Yeah, some of those are probably skewed, but it would be too hard on the RMS staff to decipher that kinda stuff, which ones are legit or not. I just hope they check ip?

I saw a low rate server get 100 on the day of its opening, yeah like guild competition, server's economy and such were 10/10  ::)


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