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Started by asdfqwerty123, Nov 26, 2007, 10:14 AM

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Just look... It moves the entire page and the reviews aren't visible anymore.

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I appreciate the enthusiasm, but this isn't necessary or appropriate.

If you're going to go through all the trouble, write a legitimate review please.

It would help if "Support" was spelled correctly also.


deleted.  i hate those.

Ambrose Merle

To me, spamming is basically the equivalent of the individual saying they're to stupid to actually attack the individual so they attempt to annoy them. Someone spammed my mailbox 3 weeks ago. The breakdown of it? 5 minutes to unsubscribe to them all (about 200 emails), and the person spent a week accumulating it all quite noticeably spending about 5 hours on it. The ultimate end result? They called me something I refuse to repeat here, and blocked me. about 25 or more hours were wasted and all they had to say for explanation were two short little words. So to Zairik, sorry to hear what happened, but I have to admit, I think everyone can laugh at whoever did it since it probably only took you and yc about 5 minutes to delete what might have been an hours worth of account creations and postings. To everyone who normally spams, don't bother, it's stupid. I say if you're going to try to attack someone, take time to think about it and actually do a good job, like spying on them, stalking them, and then blowing their secrets to the public (Now THAT'S an attack.). Oh, for advise, best way for everyone to deal with spam, laugh at it. Everoyne gets some eventually, and often times the stuff they sign you up for is downright humuliating for the person (like the time I got spammed by a guy with child pornography site links and as it turned out, he was a customer there and arrested 2 days later by the FBI... hehehe~~).


P.S. Did you find out if it was just one person, or did they actually manage to get some friends?


Quote from: yC on Nov 26, 2007, 03:00 PM
deleted.  i hate those.

i hate people who intentionally do it to have a stupid narrow-minded revenge or a poo-poo backstabing no-life pest! darn it! (T_T)