Regarding Server Reports: What if a player incentivizes players to write reviews

Started by Immorg, Oct 08, 2017, 03:16 PM

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Hi everyone.

We know that if a server offers rewards for reviews, they are punished; however, how is it handled if a player offers rewards for reviews?

Obviously most servers do not have control over their players in this manner. Furthermore, if it risks punishment of said server, what would stop me from going to a server that I spite and doing this so that I can punish them?

It's a sticky situation that I would like to know the answer to. I try to inspire people to review in servers that I like, often metting out tiny rewards such as an ingame old blue box, but I hadn't thought of how that could negatively impact servers, and I will have to stop if I risk hurting them.


"Servers caught allowing third party (including but not limited to: player, GM) sponsored actions or events to affect their server review results will have their servers suspended from the listing."


Gotcha! Thanks for the response. I've never seen the ToS for Owners, I guess I didn't search hard enough.