ShockwaveRO Review

Started by Zone, Jul 21, 2008, 08:04 PM

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QuoteShockwave RO can suck my nuts cuz all the GMs is kcufing stupid as kcuf and they don't even check before they ban u and all of those GMs are piece of sh*t they can't do crap but sh*t

Rating: 10
Server Stability: 1  Availability: 1  Community  Friendliness: 1  Eventfulness: 1
Game Masters  Friendliness: 1  Availability: 1  Helpfulness: 1
Game-play  Economy: 1  Guild Competition: 1  Class Balance: 1


you don't have to report everything right away, there is a time where staff go thru the reviews and delete anything that is not following the rule.  Of course we don't read every review as it being posted.



haha, I check at random times  :P