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Server Review
« on: Dec 22, 2010, 11:51 am »
Based from the RMS Guidelines on making a review, I think that the player never reads the guidelines especially if they hated the Server or the GM.

They are just making the review SO LOW to ruin the server's rating before they leave the server because of some reasons that they got banned from the server and hated it.

Ill be Posting RMS Help guidelines on server reviews.

First RMS Review Guidelines
Review Guidelines
First, the review must be an honest opinion from you about the server.
If your reviews contain one or more of the following, they will be deleted:

    * Reviews that do not give any explanation for the score given (no matter the score is high or low) will be deleted. i.e. "Best Server out there!", "Join Join Join <3", "This server SUCKS!", "GM corrupted the server. 10/100" Why "gm corrupted" will be deleted? Because it does not give a fair score with respect to the Stability/Availability etc.
    * Reviews consisting of trolling, spamming and/or personal attack.
    * Reviews consisting of language that is unacceptable to our site.
    * Reviews that mention the name of other server or person (Depend on usage).
    * Reviews consisting of link(s) to third party image or site (Depend on usage).
    * Reviews regarding fraudulent practices. In case of reporting fraudulent practices, you should contact us directly with proof such as URL or screenshots. Writing a review of that sort will be deleted if without proof. If the server is found guilty we will remove the server with its reviews altogether.
    * Reviews that complain about the inability to connect to a server's site or download a server's patch files. If you cannot connect to the server or can't download their patch files. Simply do not review it. Only review when you have been on the server.
    * Reviews with intent to increase or decrease the server's ranking.
    * Reviews that refer to the review of others (this is not a forum).
    * Reviews that are considered as sales pitches that tell nothing about the server. (That is not the meaning of writing a review.)

The overall crash and freeze rating that a player would give to the server. The Higher the rating, the less it crashes/freezes
How often is the server accessible? Is the server up 24/7? Is there alot of down time (because of a crash, system downtime, or manual shutdown?) The higher the rating, the more often the server is up.
How friendly is the server's player community? Are the players willing to help other players? Such as answering novice questions or quest questions when asked in public.
How often does the server host player events? Special events? Such as PvP tournaments, racing, or hide and seek. The higher the rating, the more events.
Friendliness of GM
How friendly is the server's game masters? Do they kill players out of pure spite or are they reasonable in actions?
Availability of GM
How Often are the game masters available for support? The higher the rating, the more often they are online and available to help.
Helpfulness of GM
How helpful are the game masters? Are the game masters able to answer player questions and solve problems between players?
How balanced is the server's economy? Are there significant amount of players with too much zeny? Are players willing to hunt items? Is zeny worth anything? The lower the rating, the poorer the economy.
Guild Competition
Is it worth investing in a guild? Is there competition between guilds or there is one guild that dominating the game? The higher the rating, the more balanced the guild competitions are.
Class Balance
Are all the jobs on the server balanced by tier? For example, could a player of the swordsman class dominate all the first jobs? The lower the rating, the more unbalanced the classes are.

Okay, so some of those Reviews in my Server which I think should be removed by the RMS Staffs will be posted below.

Based from the review of -ish in the image below, you can see that the Detailed Ratings is so low that it didn't even matched his server review.
1. he is saying that the admin is corrupt.
For me this review is all about the GM and the economy...So my main point of requesting the removal of the review is that his detailed review didn't even matched his review. He didn't mention about Stability,Availability, Friendliness of the COMMUNITY not the gm, Evenfulness, Helpfull of the GM, Class Balance, Guild Competition. He only pointed out the economy + the Rude of the GM.. So why does his rating for the other details that low? isn't that a proof that he is just making a low review to ruin the server's rating?

Based from the review of Bloodseeker008 in the image below, you can see that he talks about the racist of the gm, unfriendly gm, bug abuse, 3rd party programs and the WORST, the poor grammar in English of the GM which automatically makes it a personal attack of the player to me because he hated me because I have poor grammar in English. Also, Detailed Review is also not correct. Class Balance? 2? community friendliness 1?

Based from the review of disgruntled in the image below, you can see that he talks about the GM saying not all players have +10 gears and covering up those pioneers in my server. Removal of the Refine anvil after the community grows and about the bug abusers in zeny which I wiped to make the server more balanced ( reason of wipe ) not that important, I just want to say it. Anyway, Detailed Rating in the field of stability,availability, community friendliness, community eventfullness, GM's helpfulness, guild competition and class balance does nothing to do with his server review. I cant blame him if he wants to make the GM's Friendliness and economy low because that is in his review but making all the fields low without even stating about that is just a pointless review and surely wants my server ranking to go down and tell the newbies how low the rating of my server.

Based from the review of malbari911 in the image below, he said about the following:
1. Imba event prizes + cheap donations
2. GM Realize it and lowered the event prizes which he claims that it is now impossible to achieve that +10 sets. (Refine Anvil is still in my donation up until today. Server Started july 5,2010 and up until today, december 22,2010, refine anvil is still there and didn't changed + since the start of the server, refine anvil is in my Custom Treasure box drop.
3. Server lags
4. WoE competition is poor
5. Forcing players to donate
My point is that, lowering the event prizes and removal of refine anvil as a prize will not make it impossible to make a +10 item because from his words itself, he said that my server has cheap donations so why wont he donate to get a refine anvil? Furthermore, I never remove an item in my game to force them donate in my server. There's alot of donators per server and they are the one who spread donate items to the server which makes the other people get those donate items even without donating. So where did the forcing of players to donate... Lastly, I don't require them to donate in my server. It is not a requirement to play. Detailed Rating not correct.

Every report is alright with me even if it is a negative review or not. Everything depends if the players wanted to believed that or not But what i want is a honest review not just a review to make the server's rating low. I hope some actions will be taken regarding this report. All Reviews from that 4 persons didn't even show or proves their point of putting a low server stability, availability, community friendliness, community eventfullness, class balance, gm helpful and gm availability. No review stating those part but I got low rates in those fields. Also, lots of their review shows a personal attack from me. A perfect example is the GM with wrong grammar.

Server's Review link page: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=serverstat&serid=10710&itv=6&url_sname=Heroes%20of%20Ragnarok&page_num=1