KrogothRO - GM rating his own server?

Started by vilkacis, Jul 31, 2006, 04:35 PM

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(Review on the "KrogothRO" page, by "lobriz")
Quote from: lombrizThis server is a lot of fun and the players are pretty cool also. The story line sound like it will be a lot of fun, and how it goes will depened on what the players do so it is cool to think that I affect the story line.

I'm fairly certain this is the new Storyline GM for KrogothRO, "Alas." I'm not sure if this is against the rules or not.

If you click on his profile for the KrogothRO forums here:

And look at his registered Yahoo Messenger name, it's "alasdelombriz."

Not trying to be spiteful, just want some honest accountability. I rated the server myself, based on my own time spent there, I tried to keep it fair and accurate to the experiences I had with the GMs and limited playerbase.


He says it in the review anyway, "I affect the storyline"

Discount Ninja

He says it in the review anyway, "I affect the storyline"

If you look on the website here. Every one can claim this.

This is total Spite and Slander like a disgruntled worker. I would appreciate it if you talked to me directly instead of going behind and stabbing me in the back.

Totally sorry to bring my drama here.
A fool also is full of words: a man cannot tell what shall be; and what shall be after him, who can tell him?


It is not spite nor drama. I gave a fair and accurate rating for the experiences I had on that server. You might notice, if you took a moment, that it was not just all 1's. I feel that the races are poorly balanced (Free Spirit-Element for all Demons!?) and that the Head GM is spiteful and self-important, as well as not ashamed of using questionable tactics to achieve his goals (such as leaving a few of his accounts logged in so the "Who's Online" page shows numbers constantly). The review is entirely accurate, based upon my own experiences there. I stated in an E-Mail previously that I would be entirely honest concerning inviting others to KrogothRO, and I have been true to that statement and honest in my approaches and statements.

Concerning drama and speaking to him directly, I was told specifically by "Discount Ninja" to "never talk to me again," making that rather impossible. He closed that door. If he wants to open it, it is up to him now.

I could go into great detail about all the things that are wrong, or even all the things that are hilariously wrong, but that is not the point. I rated the server what I felt was fair, honest and accurate. I posted here because I was not certain it is legal to rate a server you yourself run. If it is not against the rules, then there is no problem here. If it is against the rules, someone in authority will likely do something about it. That's it. No slaunder, no lies, no back stabbing. Just honesty and accountability.

Concerning the reply to my review, the deletion of "2/5 of the forum" were all my own posts and material. I removed nothing from anyone else, just my own work. That has yet to stop KrogothRO from still using things I originally discussed, or from keeping race names and the like, but I do not mind that so much anymore.

For the curious, a report concerning this whole stupid emo drama, detailing it's relevance to my own server, can be read here:

For the further (creepily) curious, I have a text file that accounts for the whole thing, every E-Mail and chat log.

But seriously, why bother? I reported about a GM posting about his own server, so if it is wrong it can be corrected. I posted my own fair review of the server. "Discount Ninja" did not like it, so he posted a response, as he is allowed. Everything that should have been done has been done, in the appropriate ways and through the appropriate channels. Nothing further needs to be addressed. It's over.

Edit: Honestly, if you doubt lombriz's review or my own, visit the game. Log into "Krogoth Rragnarok (sic)" and decide for yourself. Nothing anyone can say will be more accurate than the truth.


Thank you for taking part in reviewing servers on RMS.  So far, the Terms of Service upon signing up does not have any restriction on reviewing your own server; however, fake reviews are to be removed.  As long as the review is an honest reflect from the person's experience on the server, I wouldn't mind.  But do keep in mind that signing up multiple times to rate the same server over and over is not allowed either you are the owner or a player.

Locking topic.  What goes "inside" of a server is not part of my concern and I can't be involved anyway.