Apologies to yC, Evolve: Rise of Legends

Started by NimbleStorm, Jul 20, 2024, 03:27 AM

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So I am forced to clarify my post here on otherwise a closed case. 

Quote from: yC on Jul 20, 2024, 11:02 AMThen there were all sorts of conversations in our RMS discord where you got yourself banned because of disrespectful to other users, making war and racist remarks.


Nowhere did I said the first line was referring to me.  I did refer to that screenshot saying it is disrespectful to other users.  It is against our discord's policy.  We wish to keep our discord a friendly environment for friendly discussion.

Quote from: yC on Jul 20, 2024, 11:02 AMI actually didn't remember there was a Evolve RO / Ancient in our GM hall of shame until Ancient mention he was around in 2013:

This is history so don't take something from 2013 to judge a server in 2024:


This 2013 reference wasn't brought up by me, if he didn't mention it in discord I wouldn't look it up.
So do not put the blame on me for bringing up something from 13 years ago and put words in my mouth for things that I did not say.  I only referred to the case as it is history so don't take something from 2013 to judge a server in 2024.

Though nobody pay enough attention to what Ancient said when he referred to the 2013 incident on 2024/07/10.  I'll let the reader decide what he mean there.

Nobody like to be twisted and misinterpreted the wrong way.  This topic is doing exactly that.  I see nobody read my initial post seriously and only try to twist the post to invalidate the points I was trying to make.

Quote from: RandomName on Today at 03:03 AMFirst of all, this topic is about delisting the server from RMS, not " Whats your opinion about the project ".

As this person pointed out, this topic is not about " Whats your opinion about the project ".  So I can only ignore all the good and bad that was said about the server.  It is not like I haven't read reviews about the server on the site so no need to repeat so much on that.

Now, to those that are asking for a second chance please realize because Ancient mentioned what happened in 2013 (#1), that automatically made this (#2) his second chance already.  So what you referring to as second chance is actually asking for a third chance.

Moving this topic to the server report section and locking.  Usually we only deal with these in emails. 

Posting in the forum is unnecessary.
There are at least a few servers asking for second chances at any given point in time. 
Unfortunately, we can't make this a working example of pressuring us to move our hands.