Server Accounts Using Dead URLs and other funny business....

Started by fantasylover, Jun 25, 2006, 07:15 PM

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Does the Admin actually periodically checks new accounts for 404 links and those account holders that think they are funny by setting links to sites that have no bearing to RO.  For example, someone setup an account that was linked to the High Times online website.  In the past I have seen kiddies try funny games and link to sites that promote PORN and other garbage.  I come to RateMyServer as a source for new RO  servers.  I find it annoying when accounts are setup to places like LOCALHOST or HIGHTIMES.COM.  Further annoying are accounts that haven't had an activity for a long time and their server has been offline for a couple of months and stuff like that.  So I wonder if the Admin does really follow thru on reports or actively checks random account to verify that they aren't taking up dead space?


yes, we do, just not too often...

we try to remove sites that are dead or unrelated when i run into them, just we don't have a big team here to check them all the time, usually it's just me and riotblade + user report...i know it is a problem, sorry about that.

i would appreciate you tell me the link of servers that are dead / unrelated so i can remove them immediately.

ok i think you are fantasylover on the site as well, i have looked into those server you reported and removed them, thank you for your effort in keeping the list clean.


it s not always a pun sometimes the server closes and this hightimes .com site should normaly be a domain seller :/