Not a serious one. (buffacow-ro)

Started by MjaoZor, Sep 01, 2012, 02:18 PM

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Could you(someone) move this one from the midrate to the high rate one?
you can even read in the picture that rates are 200x200x200

I couldn't find a download link on their forum (the one they call webpage)
But after seeing they hand out 100m zeny for a like on fb I think Imma pass I think that's just as bad as rewards for reviews but what ever.

Here is their add as you can see it does say 200x200x200 there too.

Sorry for the trouble thankies ~<3


I was almost sure that I saw 150/150/150 the first time but dunno, maybe I mixed it with the 150/50.
Anyway, moved it to the right section now.
Thx for the report.