False Review on retRO

Started by diskoteka, Sep 25, 2008, 10:27 AM

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Okay as you can see

Three players who recently got banned started new accs here and just trashed my reviews, i know for a fact that they always compliment everything they hate in that topic. They have been playing for a while and when they started a flame war, I had to ban them. But now they are pissed and decided to write reviews on my server that is not even true. if you look at ones before it says it is perfect balanced and what not. Another reason is because its a three in a row review. its not really fair to me because I can do nothing, and I cannot contact them. They trashed it for no reason! Their reviews have no reason!


I already replied to your email but I will reply again. 

For everyone that is reading, I find that the previous review removal process has been too easy and not fair for players.  I am going to tighten it so the site can be more neutral.

Here's my reply sent in email (except some sentence structure changed):

By signing up to our services, you are agreed to accept both positive and negative feedback on your server.  The reviews were checked against the review guidelines and are considered valid reviews.  For any reason, if they played on your server, they should have a say on their experience.  Trying to reject the 'not so good' reviews while having all the other positive reviews defeat the purpose of our system.

There is already a owner reply section where you can clarify the situation for the readers.  A few constructive criticism is not going to hurt a server.

------ end email ------

Looking at your *retRO* reviews, there are a total of 24 of them.  So it's only 1 in 8 people slightly dislike your server.  I don't see anything wrong with that.

In the future I am going to look at the proportion of negative reviews when making a decision on removal, otherwise some server might take advantage of the removal requests.