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Author Topic: Report - False review for fgRO.  (Read 5622 times)

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Re: Report - False review for fgRO.
« Reply #15 on: Oct 18, 2007, 07:58 pm »
I think Samx's report was half true.
I have been playing FG for an year now and I know every tit bit about the server. The good part about the server is that it is really stable and the Scryed aka GM Fen dows a great job undating the server from time to time. The gameplay is very very good byfar the best amongst all the servers I played on.
The downside of FG is the community by far the worst amongst the servers I played on 85% population is pinoy who are rather better and more friendly than the english speakers. Corruption on FG is a red alert the GM guild samx mentions does exist and it pretty much does own most wonderful part is that those members show up only during woe wonder where the supplies come from. Except for the Admin GM Fen all the GMs have a legit char or should I call Illegit..depends how you interpret it.The donation system works very well for FG and for its maintainance. Like Candy mentioned Emery and xNemesis I can mention Candy aka Solle, Infinitum aka Wardenfell, Jenust aka Jenust , Stabby aka LoveMy something something, GM Inferno aka Hiko, GM Thrice aka the Sexy Dude, GM Sacrement aka Illuminate and a lot more.
Dont even know why FG needs so many gms when there is hardly anything to monitor.
Infinitum, Stabby(GM of Incarnations), Candy all belong to Incarns, I think Inferno was a part of it too but left or quit dunno.

As far as Kohaku is concerned there have been a lot of speculation about her she is a harsh critic but at the sametime she is a keylogger which is why all the GMs are afraid of her she keyloggs most of the gms ids and hence she doesnt get banned on the forums.

There had been 3 attacks of dupers on FG from what I know and I think 2 of the dupers were given a "second chance" and taken into Eternals the guild now known as Incarnations.

There have been people known to use GM items in woe and PVP but I think they got banned. Question is where did they come from.

That is all I had to say hatsoff to GM Fen but the others just screw it up big time.

If proof may be asked I can give that aswell ..

Very well said my dear.

And yeah wow lolllllllllll haha. I made a novel but my session timed out rofl. -,- LAMEEEEEEEEEEE. Anyways, my last lines.

<3 Fen, Infi, Miri, Stabby, Cookie, Tonkerln
<#3 Candy, Jenust

Eventhough I hate Cookie, he's still doing his job.
Candy's a f***tard.
Fen is doing a great job too.
My favorite: Infi and @ the same time, @hate. He's the prominent person. Who killed me on "that" woe.
Jenust has a new issue.
Again, Candy sux.

Gaaaaaaah imma just post the one that i'm trying to post awhile ago next time >.>; All of Candy's stupid doings.



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Re: Report - False review for fgRO.
« Reply #16 on: Oct 21, 2007, 04:01 pm »
Duex, get a life. I've read up on you and inspected you. You got banend for a lot more than that and almsot any other server would have banned you as well <_< either self reflect, or find a server with innactive GMs to maraude, or better yet, become a server owner yourself and experience what it feels like to be treated that way by others... Nothing like learnings something the hard way x_x
i have a pretty good life thankyou very much since i took such a long time replying to you. as a matter of fact, a better life than you as i might add to my own satisfaction level because i don't go around the internet becoming moderator's. but i guess someone has to do it. oh well....

i wasn't banned. i was suspended for 1 week. there's a thin line of differentiation between ban & suspension. i hope you can comprehend that.
i wasn't banned (as you call it) for a lot of things because i was banned (as per you) the very third day i joined the server on the forum's. i hardly knew anyone, i hardly knew any of the game moderator's. so it's highly impossible for me to get myself in trouble involving a game moderator. but it only took me 3 day's to know everything i needed to know about this jenust character by the way he used to talk. and i already told slaw it wasn't me who started all that flame with jenust.

i admit i know alot about computer network's, router's, routing table's, shell scripting, shell programming, web designing, DNS, linux/unix environment and i am more than qualified to become a game moderator on any server, even RMS, seriously, but i find it a burden to my day's work since i am already loaded with stuff. plus i don't wanna waste my skill on game administration. but even if i did ever apply to become a moderator, atleast i do have the courtsey to not talk like the way you do about me or to me. but since you're a moderator here i guess that's just a part of the power that comes with it.

i take it that you must be someone from frozenglade forums to hate me so much without even knowing 1% about me. i don't know from where and what you read about me but i doubt you even did anything about me because if you really do read about me on www.frozenglade.org/forums, you will never see me cussing or starting a flame war or something like that. this is not just for you but to all the moderator's who wish to check me out on frozenglade forums.

hence, i suggest you don't post false stuff about me. or you're in for serious attitude from my side my friend. and the best thing is...i make people feel guilty and insult them without even using a single low, moderate or high level cuss word's or swearing. yeah, call it a gift or whatever. feel it, fear it, embrace it.