Rating stolen!

Started by youkai, Apr 15, 2017, 08:04 AM

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It was asked in my guild that everyone rating the beloved aeRO and we all did today I realized that we had more than ten rating and now we only have four I made video and I took printscreen we expose vcs in all social media facebook youtube! this is ridiculous!

/pif /pif /omg /omg / /no1


Yes, it is ridiculous.  Stop cheating, it doesn't matter how many reviews are there if they are all made by the same few or one person.  We do not allow that to happen and will delete any reviews that are made by the same person.  That is the rule, if there is continuous abuse to the same listing we will have to take the listing down altogether because it add extra work to us handling all the duplicated accounts.

I see you made more reviews and there we will have to work on those abuse again.

You made all these accounts to inflate rating and dare to call rating stolen?  Just stop it.

user_id    user_name
217856    youkai1
217857    noiah1
217858    noiah2
217859    noiah3
217860    noiah4
217863    noiah6
217864    dravendraven
217865    viktor1557
217967    noblack
217970    AsuraPoring
217971    negaodozap
217972    irineuvcnsabnemeu
217974    20come70correr
217976    HorsePower
217979    BRcrush
217980    rihanna11
217981    homersimpson
217982    fernando66

Look, your forum user name matches the first account created, followed by 5 accounts of the same user names sequentially.   Enough said.

Even better if you have videos of all those noiah[1-6] reviews the same server.  I'd love to see you share that abuse process.


We will see your mercenary! You only leave the comments of the servers that pay you usuravel for money have to be f***


Reviews will be removed if it is breaking our terms of services and/or review guidelines.  That has always been the case, nothing new.  Making multiple accounts and then cry victims with false statements is just how you would describe it, ridiculous.


Show evidence where the commenter said? Talk s*** and very easy without trying anything!


I know what you are trying to do and I will leave you nothing to chew on.  You just asked something that is completely irrelevant I hope you realize it.