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Started by War of Ragnarok, Feb 12, 2012, 03:24 AM

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War of Ragnarok

To admin im just curious why war of ragnarok is always being rank down. Im not asking players on my server to write and also im not forcing them to write. I notice this problem when they always told me in game that they write a review but next day the write was deleted O.o . Last time i checked it we got almost 15+ reviews but the reviews are 1 by 1 deleted by the days passes by. Im just curious why this thing happen in on my server review.


Well, I'll run a check and you didn't link me to the exact listing so I am guessing it should be this one:


Okay, there are actually more reviews in my deleted log than there are reviews on your listing.  The deleted reviews range from yesterday to November around when you signed up.

Except a few that look spammy and deleted for obvious reason.  The rest are deleted for copying other reviews (fully or partially).  Many of which copied content of your existing reviews while some copied content of reviews made on other servers.  They can be "smart" copy or just word for word copy but those that were detected are of course gone.

I'll be honest with you so that you can resolve this problem with your players.  There are a total of 24 reviews deleted from you listing since the start of your listing.  You should tell your players don't be lazy, write what they really think of your server rather than do the easy and quite copy job.  It'll be a waste of time on our part as well as their part.

Especially send a gift to fanmax2010 if you know who that is.  He wrote 7 out of the 24 reviews that were deleted (yea the 24 reviews were just from 13 reviewers in which some repeatedly copied reviews and got deleted then keep trying).  So for the past 6 days, fanmax2010 came in everyday to put a copy of some sort of review into your listing (the other one was from December).

Please don't ban fanmax2010, he's just a loyal player maybe not good at writing that's all.  He should have got an email on the reason and deletion in at least one of those times.

If there is any other reason for review missing, it could be the reviewer holds multiple accounts.  Once we found abusers we will ban them and delete all their reviews.

On another note, reviews that are older than 6 months will "fall out" of the default review ranking range.  Which mean the default 6 months review ranking will not count those review.  That will affect your ranking eventually when your listing is older than 6 months.  To see those reviews again you can view reviews from " 12 Months" or "all time" by changing the "review stat range" options on the server info page and review page.

I'll move this to the Report section.