Pre-RO - Donation credit for ad spamming

Started by Mieu, Jun 11, 2007, 11:18 AM

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Why should anyone believe you?  You've already proven untrustworthy in your server advertising practices, and you seem far from business-savvy enough to manage a transaction of that scale.


Quote from: aquameep on Jun 15, 2007, 06:33 AM
i don't really care anymore.

sold pre-ro for 48,000USD.

Not that it sounds true or anything, but even if it were, you seem proud of that? Making profit of people, you should be ashamed.
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which rich fella will but the "dying" server for 48k ?
thats stupid lol


A sale of that size, I think, Gravity may notice.  That's quite a profit you'd be making with their game... I almost hope he's telling the truth, just so he can be sued.


I don't think it's possible for any private server to be worth that much. Is the official RO even worth that much?!?!
S>Rock lol

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yes the official is worth more than that ><

only somebody incredibly stupid would pay that kind of money for free emulator


My question was stupid sorry. But still, what's the point of buying an emulator? It's like buying illegal games for the PC!
S>Rock lol

Play on the Excalibur Network servers.


Isn't there a way that he can be sued due to the fact that he is earning money off of this?

The fact is that Gravity can sue you and win if you have a "Cash Shop", but not a donation shop. This guy sold his server for profit, so wouldn't he get into trouble?

I'm just wondering =|.


I wouldn't believe a word of it, honestly.  Sounds like a load to me.


Wow, selling servers for money? Now I've seen everything.


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