POmchro forcing players to do a rms review then giving out compliment box after

Started by jettraw, Oct 18, 2018, 10:51 AM

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1 . when the GM see that the ranking of her/his server  was going down ,, he/she make an EMERGENCY announcement and tell the players to write a review !
2 after writing a review ,, the players recieve a random box ,, COMPLIMENT BOX maybe 5 or 10 pcs
3 it became no unbalanced server due to the released of items in shop that was too OP and only knows how to milk money from players ..


Do you have any screenshot or urls for more information on #1 and #2?  You can pm them to me as well.


 after i report it to the respective admins/moderators of this forum i got my 2 accounts banned !
and being kicked out to there discord channel ..
its that reasonable ??? how come i got banned when i was only stating a FACT !  /pif
i dont know if the GM there was guilty  thats why he/she  banned me .cause my proofs are true !
keeping ranked in reviews cause giving items and make an emergency announcement if the server they owned was ranked down  ,, oh come on
i hope the moderators/admins look this ..