NovaRO Deleting bad reviews

Started by chamx2, Apr 21, 2017, 06:16 AM

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RMS should remove the power for the server owners to control the rates to their servers so that the seeking players will know if the game is really good for the long run. They might end up being banned specially in NovaRO if they farm and become richer than the donators. The GameMaster in this game doesn't accept criticism and doesn't listen. He only does what he think he wants to do without proper judgment and thus if you pay to play the game it means that this game is yours. If you play for free and work your way to riches I've got a bad news for you. /x /x /x


Of course server owner DO NOT have the power to remove reviews.  The most recent case of the removal is because that one reviewer went out of his way and created multiple accounts to make a wave of bad reviews.  We do not allow one user to write more than one review for the same server, it is against our user agreement.

For your experience on server the, you may share it in our forum if you haven't done so as long as you don't create more than one forum account to support yourself or write more reviews as different person.

Edit:  As for your review, now I found it in the log.

"GM are biased only listens to the donators and top players without a concrete proof. Bans lucky players just because of jealousy. THIS GAME IS PAY TO WIN. Don't play this game if you're a free to play player. Once you get rich they'll ban you because the donators will report you for something like they are jealous of your hardwork. Childminded GM's and they will kick you in the server chat also so you can't complain. NO JUSTICE FOR THIS SERVER"


This fall into being unreasonable score.  Here is the reason (you may find a copy of this message in your email as well):

If you have a problem with one area of the server and not the other, giving every category a low score is being unreasonable and thus lead to the deletion of your review.  For those categories that were not mentioned by your review content we could only assume they are fine and deserve a better score.

In the same way, if you give an extremely high score on a server review but failed to mention why any of the categories deserve such a high score, we will have no choice but to remove your review.

If you need more space or would like to bring attention to your findings, it is best to utilize the review section in our forum.

You are free to write another review that is within our review guideline.

We don't ask you to explain every score given we understand there is not enough space for that, however based on what you wrote it is mostly regarding the GM categories and should not affect the other categories.