Nirvana Cloud deleting review and scoring low purposely

Started by Cawliflower, Oct 25, 2011, 11:48 AM

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The review itself has nothing to do with the score - which is in violation of RMS ToS. I don't have 1's on any other review. However, creating another review made my count of reviews go up and put me back at the top. Due to his lack of English skills, people will overlook it anyway. However, it still is biased. He is a "friend" of Zell's, see the other thread in relation to that information. The community already addressed that Zell has malicious intentions and that I am not/never have been corrupt. Cloud was on my forums with foul language and making threats to review us with low scores.

"basically I quit due to foul mouth rude f*** people on this f*** server.. this was fun until everyone decided to run there mouth to me when all i was trying to do was f*** help..i've had nothing but drama from GM Zell to cookie dropping a mvp to a player to hearing differnt people trying to hack the server.. this game is not what it was.. not at all.. your all full of yourselves thinking your the best..I'm the best at everything I do and i'm sick of you.. goodbye all you b**** hope you get blacklisted again cookie.. f*** liar.. I'll be sure to let rms know that your back and running a server soo they can unlist your s*** server.." Maybe Zell was right, Cloud does have a nasty temper and mouth. And if Cloud would kindly prove that anyone has done this to him? I don't allow players to communicate this way. No wonder Cloud and Zell are best friends on XBOX.
^ Cloud's review. He deleted the original.

At the time of the event, it was discussed: the prizes. The majority of the server was online, to begin with. The player that won the card we actually never have met so it wasn't biased. It was based on who got the MVP, period.

This is all jealousy, as said by Cloud himself. He is also siding with Zell as we chose to not make Cloud a GM or consider him due to his history (see all above) and other problems he has caused. Sad part is Zell got fired because of Cloud. Cloud was the one I defended, mistake on my behalf. I should have not ever defended either of them. Petty drama, yet again. I am trying to slowly clean out the garbage from my server and the people with negative intentions.

I have also issued a topic in order to remedy the complaint I just got this morning, the one about the "Thanatos" card being given in an event as a prize. I agree it was a bit OP, but as said, all the players involved in the event played and enjoyed it INCLUDING Cloud. As always, as an Administrator, I listen to my community and always look for their feedback. This isn't a cop out, as anyone can see in my past I have ALWAYS acted this way (view the suggestions forum):

Cloud knows on many occasions, I have reasoned with him and cooled him down. He is very hot headed and gets used easily. He needs to control himself. For now, it was best to ban him. I really actually liked Cloud and it is sad to see him used by Zell.

P.S. I will post screenshots when I am home from work. This is what he said via forum PM:

"go ahead be a b****... i just dropped all my s*** in town and gave away my account.. btw i send a message to the guild nabs to come dominate your server.. see how long your players stay happy.."

I don't know why people resort to talking that way. As mentioned, I don't do it to them... nor to anyone. Sad part is, he is older than I am - even Zell is.

P.S. I just noticed he deleted the second review, I am guessing because I commented on it.
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I am not going to read into the details on the player vs server story.

The review is removed because it does not qualify as a review, it talks about rumors and other stuff that does not relate much to the rating standard.

I have a record of me deleting a 100/100 review he made on your server probably due to the review guideline if you mean that for the 'deleting review' part.  The newer review is deleted by us with notification sent to him, he is free to write another review at the moment.


He didn't read the Terms of Service on my server and I doubt he read the RMS ToS clearly.

Thank you for clarifying and I understand your rules.
Quoteyesterday im ask gm crewkie hitler for pls ad balance costum like angel wing or 4slot narutaro BUT HE SAY NO.. um sry i thot this was ranganarok and not a nazis???????

DivinityRO 6.9 coming soon!