NiktoutRO-Deleting Reviews?

Started by Sentaku, Sep 09, 2006, 06:45 PM

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I wasn't sure if this was wrongful for the GM to do this. But after I posted my own review, I noticed others had posted as well. Three others in fact. They were rather harsh reviews, only one of them giving above a 10. I in fact, know these people in real. And when I checked today to see if there were any replies, all of their reviews except for mine were deleted. To make sure they themselves did not delete them, I asked them about it, and it seems none of them had a hand in deleting their reviews. I just wanted to know if this was against the rules or what-not, thank you.


Because the owner of the server 'Niktout Game Center' strongly disagree with those comments about his action and his server.  He has reported to me about these people on his previous server advertisement on RMS.  I believe two out of the three of them had rated NikoutRO's previous ads and had given it a bad score.  I have reason to believe that this is a harassment issue and removed those reviews as a first warning.

If you know these ppl, please tell them that the context of their reviews were reported by the server's owner a long time ago and I have been keeping an eye on his new advertisement.  Now, since being the middle person here I do not play on any server.  There is no way for me to make sure every review is 100% truth, however when one sign up to the system they already agreed to NOT "Write libel - Writing fake information out of hatred for the server". 

So, right now, to be fair, we require that your friends provide proof to support their comments, otherwise we will have no choice but to remove those comments from 'Niktout Game Center'. 

I will also email a copy of this message to your friends.


Alright, thank you for the reply. I myself have some screenshots of Nik purposefully DBing us in Lhz because he had a vendetta against our guild. I don't know if this would count for much though.

I would like to ask about one thing though, it is a review of your experience there =x and most of us had a bad experience, thus, that's how we rated it. I know not if they previously rated the server, but I know it isn't a harassment issue. Please refer to my post about NiktoutRO in the discussion area =x I do understand why you'd be skeptical though, but.. I've never seen anyone else, who's given bad reviews to a server have to show proof. Especially when it's more than one person backing these facts up =x so please don't look down upon me for somewhat seeing this as a bit one-sided ._.;

I will inform them though, and see if we can find some screenshots....


In most cases, people prefer to solve issue like this in private messages or emails.  You are welcome to pm me anything you would like to add if you prefer to do so. 


Alright thank you. I gave my screenies to Unmei, so she'll be emailing them to you. I talked to Leash and Unmei, and both said they've sent them in, I hope they're satisfactory and enough proof to your liking  :-X


i replied to the emails, locking topic.  Let me know by pm if any problem  :)