mmm im not really too sure

Started by Jiea, Mar 21, 2007, 04:07 PM

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but in registering for ratemyserver in general, you agree to not post nudity. does this count for naked sprites in a screenshot? because if so, porn-ro is breaking the rules in doing so


Was something like that posted somewhere?


*some* people might want to see how 'porn' the server is? xD

i think i'll let it pass, since the screenshot is resized on the listing page so nothing really bad is showing on the site itself ... not until when i click on the image to see the real sized version.

unless someone find it very irritating??? opinion welcome.


The server is called PornRO, I think it's to be expected that their screenshots show their server. But it was a valid question nonetheless.
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I think the real question is why look at 2d porn...


Maybe if they put a disclaimer first or something to warn people?

Otherwise, it seems reasonable.


You need a disclaimer to tell you PornRO has porn?!

The very thought of someone looking up the PornRO server, knows what they are getting themselves into.
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