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Author Topic: Many False Reviews For AlternativeRO.  (Read 8722 times)

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Re: Many False Reviews For AlternativeRO.
« Reply #15 on: Mar 13, 2008, 05:53 pm »
uhm... Idola and Soboro

like i said

I do not know of EcchiRO.

Due to the fact that i have checked the Character Database i found a Soboro Player, but i wont accuse you to lie to this point. *means her sentcence I do not know of EcchiRO

we have a Character on our Character Database called Soboro and if you would read carefully then you would understand the sentence that i doubt it that Soboro HERE is Soboro in Ecchi-RO

sorry if it sounds like that if Soboro is the Soboro of our server, i just looked up soboros name in the database and found one, but i never wanted to say that those 2 persons are the same

so please stop accusing me to implicate Soboro into this problem

and Idola

I've been informed that you were banned trying to recruit people to your server while trashing AlternativeRO. You were the only person that was banned (checked both atcommands logs and account logs).

Your characters right?
Quote from: athena.txt
150055   2000030,0   Calmaty
150056   2000031,0   Funny
150058   2000032,0   still funny
150059   2000032,1   more funnier

Calmaty3 dun know if we made a account called Calmaty4
these are our accounts yes and we always where the same person

if you can check atcommands logs and account logs then go and look at the f****** CHATLOG -.-
a pity that i and my friend havent took any Screens of that when we were on alternative-ro -.-

but you can put those chatlogs in and then everyone will see what we wrote when we were on alternative and that we havent made advertising for ecchi-ro -.-

but i can copy you what i posted
(click to show/hide)

and about MWright967 Oo i dont know this guy i just replyed to his post and i also dont know if he is on ecchi-ro or somewhere else

and about the hacks -.- when i looked at the chatlogs and at that time when we had the crash then i saw funny things

it happened all the time when a specific person stopped making advertising for alternative-ro

and those hacks also started after a specific person told everyone in Ecchi-Ro to crash the server when this specific person doesnt get unbanned.

sorry idola but i count one and one together -.-

and you CANT tell anyone that that many fortuities happen when you started alternative-ro, when you tried to steal the players and when you made avdertising.

and if you havent got it -.- GET THE f*** OUT OF ECCHI-RO AND STOP MAKING ADVERTISMENT

make your server and get players through a non advertised and unfair way and stop bothering ecchi-ro -.-

we dont have anything against it if there is another server which wants to have naked sprites too

AS LONG AS they  and i mean it generally now:

dont steal players *through advertisment*
dont steal stuff *like the sprites*
dont claim the server like talking s*** about
dont hack
and dont do anything bad

and correct me if i am wrong -.- but i am sure you dont want other servers to do that with yours too

my opinion here is now to end this f*** report, that bot servers go their own way and that advertisings and this s*** wont happen again -.-

and if you want i give you a site where you can download naked sprites where ours are based on
its just an offer -.- take it or dont take it

but i think its enough already

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ECCHI-RO has been moved

New Domain >>>>>> http://ecchi-rag.com/ <<<<<< New Domain

We also activated our old Forum until we fixed our current one, please check out the Homepage


Offline Idola The Witty

Re: Many False Reviews For AlternativeRO.
« Reply #16 on: Mar 13, 2008, 06:49 pm »
I think you're obviously confused here since you're counting one and one together and coming up with three.

I'm not going to accept your bribe of nudes just so I will be silenced. And how DARE you claim that I stole players. I've never touched your server. If you read the posts you'd know that I merged MY server with AlternativeRO. Why would we need to "steal" players when I'm bringing mine over there? The admin invited her friends? Good for him/her! The admin was broadcasting/spamming it in town? Ban him/her! Don't sit there taking screen shots and saving chatlogs thinking "oh im gunna git u gud". DEAL with advertisers/spammers quickly and efficiently. That's what was done to you and your "friend" when you tried getting players to your server.
Also I don't see the reason to create 3+ accounts to say "Stop stealing" when one account is good enough. From my perspective it looks as if you kept making accounts to get people to join your server. (You were jailed and you were still able to talk to the admin, yet you made another character just to go into Prontera? Why is that?)

I said to post what your login-serv says. Not the chatlogs. Post exactly what it shows since you're willing to share your "proof" with others. So lets see these "attacks" on your server.

If you don't think Soboro from AlternativeRO is also in EcchiRO, why bring up useless information? It's seriously illogical to bring up facts that have no role in the matter. You might as well tell me what you had for breakfast, and how many times you wash your hands in a day.

Also since you're confused let me explain a few things to you about servers and their client files. The reason why you're seeing naked sprites is because you're using your own client with the sclientinfo of our server. Meaning you'll see everything of your server even though it's not there! So again, before you make accusations and such, at least learn a bit about clients! I can bet you that if you download the AlternativeRO's server files and client, you won't see any nude sprites.

And another thing. Where are you getting bots from? Where did bots come into this? This is about you and your group of saboteurs coming and defacing our server. So you have bots on your server? Good for you! You don't like it when people advertise on your server? Don't do it to others!

I'll say it again with less words.
There are no nude sprites in the server.
There are no scripts that belong to EcchiRO in the server.
There are no bots from AlternativeRO in EcchiRO.
There are no hackers from AlternativeRO in EcchiRO.

The only reason why this thread is even here in the first place is because 5(?) false reviews were left all on the same day by people from your server. Just remember that.

Stop thinking that your server is so great that people want to copy it. Because it's obviously since how you're mentioning the nude sprites over and over again, that all you've got going for you are the sprites.

Do you understand now?


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Re: Many False Reviews For AlternativeRO.
« Reply #17 on: Mar 13, 2008, 06:50 pm »
Major tl;dr.

Point being, everyone shut up, this topic is officially over. Like it or not, Alt RO copied from Ecchi RO. Good bye.

Offline Soboro

Re: Many False Reviews For AlternativeRO.
« Reply #18 on: Mar 13, 2008, 07:07 pm »
MWright967, you really need to go back under your bridge.

Offline Idola The Witty

Re: Many False Reviews For AlternativeRO.
« Reply #19 on: Mar 13, 2008, 07:13 pm »

You don't have the right to say anything until you've answer to my post. If you played long enough to see all the GM's and experience lag (also if you were able to see the content that apparently belongs to EcchiRO), then you should easily be able to tell me your account name. If you don't have an account in AlternativeRO then you don't have the right to leave a review on it. Visit the link. I think you'll find it inspiring.


There is nothing from EcchiRO that's in AlternativeRO. Get it through your head. I know that English isn't your strong suit but I'm trying my hardest to make things clear for you.

And before somebody says that I was flaming MWright967, I'm simply going off of his previous posts. He is having difficulties understanding the questions written in English so I'm trying my hardest to make it clear for him.

So basically I'm just pointing out facts, not flaming.
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Re: Many False Reviews For AlternativeRO.
« Reply #20 on: Mar 13, 2008, 07:22 pm »
I feel badly, I think Idola is targeting me as a flame subject *cry*.

Also, insulting people's intelligence IS flaming. Gtfo my internet.

Topic over.