LunarRO- Bribing Players

Started by TrigunRO, Jun 12, 2007, 03:47 AM

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If I recall this is in violation of RMS policy, you're not suppose to pay your players with items to give reviews. 10 OCA lol.. and must give rating of 90 or above XD How very biased!

Might wanna take a screenshot before they take the post down and pretend it never hapenned lol
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Hopefully some action will be taken, here... as requested, screenshots!


done.  Thank you for reporting.

Sometimes I wonder if I am getting my hands dirty by screwing up server economy indirectly.  You know ... prized given out and listing deleted.


They IP banned me from forums lol, if u ever see a reply with "Vash" In it tell me what it's about.. lol..


First of all, I'd like to apologize if you find that what I'm doing is wrong. Here is my side of argument.

I tried over and over again to search for rules/policies that forbids servers from rewarding players after they review, and I can't seem to find it. I apologized if I have overlooked such rules, but it should be made very viewable, clear and obvious because the consequence were severe; instant server deletion. And me giving 10 OCA's were like a start kick for players who want to save 10 minutes of hunting in MVP room killing mistress, the prize is not anything fancy.

Also note that the requirement to get those 10 OCA's were 1 advanced job level 99 and 5 forum post, not just by reviewing. This is to avoid spam as well as promote the forum and server levelling. I limit the reward for any players to get this reward only once, therefore RMS will not be getting a massive amount of accounts registered just to give my server a review. I do not allow anyone to have 2 accounts in RMS just to review, if I find any players doing that, I will definitely punish them. On top of that, I do not think making new emails, levelling an account to level 99 trans as well as posting 5 posts on forum is a worth thing to be repeated just to gain 10 OCA's. In a way, this also advertise RMS. I always recommend to all my players to see RMS for item/monster/quest/map/job guides.

TrigonRO, to my knowledge, had Vash who joined their GM team. Vash used to be a GM in LunarRO when I fired him because he was hosting massive events without my permissions as well as frame another GM by using @kami (the GM's name) (message). Vash did not report this the moment he sees the reward topic, nor did he complain that this was not ethical. I think this is just about revenge.

I would like to plead guilty, I will not say that I am innocent. However, I do not think that my punishment is fair either by deleting everything we had. So here's what I think we should get, you can delete all of my server's reviews, however please restore the server name so that we can do a fresh start on reviews.


Lunar two of my voting sites were removed too from the ratemyserver list. If you would like a screenshot, PM me. Btw I'm not apart of the TrigunRO GM team, I'm the admin and host of it. And it's grown SO much in less than one month, come by and check it out sometime.


Well, I don't know anything about that because you've never told me anything about it prior to today. Even if you tell me now about my mistake, it won't do any good because what's done is done.


When signing up for listing your server, you should have read the TOS here: and you must check agree to it before submission.   It is not hard to find at all if you pay attention during the sign up process.  If you simply checked the box and ignored the window that pops up with the TOS then it is beyond our control.

The server is now banned with respect to our TOS.  If you are ready to accept our Terms of Services in full, you may add another server to your account or register a new account.