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Started by [Zero], Sep 09, 2009, 02:50 AM

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I don't know, but people can be a little stupid

People should ask themselve this question before making reviews:

""Why in the world is it named "Rate My Server"?"

Quotei am looking a good server..i wanna to try this server..but when i click the link to this will appear a web like.. Error: Wrong Host The requested host is not found. This may happen due to the following reasons: Domain does not exist. Domain is not yet propagated. You may try the IP address or instant domain alias instead of the domain name. You have typed the address incorrectly, like instead of So how? Who can help me?? PLS!


taken care of.  That's a daily thing on rms lol.


I wish I could do something about that too >.>
He tried to catch us while we were in website maintenance, but why on the world he wrote a review for that I have no idea, we cant reply him there anyway O.o
But someone deleted already, thanks btw =)