Jelly RO Fake Reports!!!!

Started by Gwyniel, Jul 21, 2020, 03:16 AM

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The server owner is hero5th and his wife is Ceequin, and their ratings of the server hero5th AKA Kathis owns are both over 95 (hero5th rated it 100). Padding the reviews with fake reviews is illegal, no?

I am a former staff member at JellyRO who came to make a review of my own and stumbled over this corruption, which is the entire reason I am a former staff member and not a current one.


You are talking about one review made on 2019-08-14 and another on 2020-06-06?

Regardless of their relationship, they are two different person and thus each is allowed one review of the same server.


No, these were made earlier, and these two people are the server's OWNERS. They are a husband and wife who run the server with an iron fist and have (as of this morning) run another 3rd of their server population from JellyRO since I made this post. While them being 2 separate people would be different if they were simply players, the fact that both of them have a stake in server ownership AND they both left glowingly good reviews is a bit suspicious.

Again, their IDs here are hero5th and Ceequin.

Edited to add: I see Ceequin has made another review. Again, she is the server owner's wife, and to them, "toxic" is defined as anyone who disagrees with HER vision of how the server should be run. She once threatened to shut the whole server down because there was an argument over WoE, and lo and behold, the next time there was an argument over WoE, WoE itself got shut down (don't expect any on Jelly!). The server is owned in name by Kathis/hero5th, who is just as much of a tyrant and bullies staff members if they disagree with him (that is to say, his wife, as she calls the shots), then harasses them for months afterward (at least, that has been my experience). Either way, this is a pair of shady, manipulative people whose reviews are ingenuine.


I have said it countless time, because it is difficult to enforce (since GMs can argue they are also players in certain cases and owner can also have multiple roles in a server ...), we allow people who have been on the server to write a review.  Regardless of them being GM or owner.