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Author Topic: Is this allowed? 2 different server names 2 get 2 spots? (Dragonrok/redwing)  (Read 4702 times)

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Offline Takendevil

Yea witch means we all are thiefs. So really RMS could get into some serious s*** if word got out. Same with all these voting sites. And anything else RO related thats not owned by gravity. I f*** up. Who cares. You have respect for him all you want. I was jus stating why he reported me anyways. He was mad. Im mad. Its jus stupid s***. So much drama in the RO world. I know i messed up. Buts its ok for spawn to admit that he stole the client? Its all good. Im not here to start s***. I am jus saying that im sorry thats all. i probably ruined my chance to use RMS but i can wait. And trust me i wont do this again >.>.


Offline spawn844

its interesting how lies can go around. and yes drama does come up. I suggest talking to the 3 people that where online i talked to about the situation. I even offerd to help your server, however. Your in game was a disgrace to me.
You turned me into a rat type monster, and disconnected me.
You seem to want to declare war n me for this whole client thing. I kinda have no idea why. Sence that is all done and dealt with.
I do not wish to fight.
Yours truly

Offline Takendevil

Why would i want help from a guy that can barely run his own server? Lol.

Dude at least my server runs properly. Your players are still reporting errors?

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Offline spawn844

Each error that is found is fixed sorry to say
And i already know about the sniper issues as well;) will be fixed in my new grf
Thanks for your concern:)

Offline Takendevil

Funny you've had those errors for a while now. Lol? But im done here. This is starting to get a lil childish were both acting pretty immature. More you than me thou. You had to bring RMS into it. Its fine thou.

Offline yC

this isn't about the topic of discussion anymore ... take it outside please.  locking.