Started by Blandastig, Oct 08, 2006, 04:39 PM

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thank you.  It has been taken care of.  I removed the older one of the two.


lol freak admin's heh

Arc Impulse

So yeah I was looking through server reviews for s*** and giggles, and I came across FantasiaRO's reviews. Quite a few of the reviews claim they haven't even played there, but are pointing out that they bribe their players to review on this server with gift boxes. Proof - - Also on the off chance they delete/edit that post, here is a screenshot.

They also say that they send players to other servers to spam to get people to join Fantasia. Oh and I'm lol'in at the retarded admin who responds to the bad reviews calling them all "FANTASIA HATERS!!1"

But yeah this is foul play, and if it isn't considered such you need to go back over your criteria of what is and isn't foul play.



okay i agree now, yes rune does suck he sucks alot and he offers more then that, if you go in game and watch his so called "helping the server" spam he could get kicked out of all voting links ^^;