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Started by Shinoken, Nov 25, 2007, 05:03 PM

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After I came back from today's GameCon, and checked RateMyServer.net I found this review on our server posted by 'alwin' here
QuoteAbsent gm, no @jump capabilities. Very few people. not really up to date.

As far as I'm aware from this review is based on only today's experience. The day I (And as far as I'm aware of the other GM) were not online. Normally theres only less then 7 hours between the other gm logs in and I'm awake again.

Is @jump an reason to lower the score? An Event got screwed by it due to an not functional mapflag that did allow @jump, we had to disable it, after I spoke to the community. You can still @warp map.gat right?

We have the latest Sakray items in store (most of them, we came short on room in our center so we miss around 10 items. The Falling Bishop & Other new Cards are not implented on request and we are using the latest SVN Stable from eAthena.

Stability/Availability: It's been up for more then 3 days now without any concering of lag spikes. The 3 days uptime is because I made an mistake why I couldn't access the server anymore, but that was an 5 minute downtime to reboot. (see screenshot)

Community: Where did his rating come from, isn't the comment section of the review for why you gave this score (Normally I see the reviews with this less information dissapear)?

Game Masters: If we were absent, where did he based his score on? Ghost GMs? An illusionary mind? He could then only rate the availabilty, but you are not able to rate friendless/helpfuleness.

In-Game: --


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**** = Removed by me for security
I've been online until 2am servertime (GMT -- GMT+1 here) yesterday, that means he rated his experience on 7 hours (maybe less)

Final word: I'll hope you'll take the appropriate action.


deleted according to review guideline #1.