Started by Guilty Dreams, Jul 18, 2007, 07:10 PM

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Guilty Dreams

FaithRO has gone through a recent change in adminstration and we would like to know if we can get our advertisement off so we may re-make it and make two seperate ones (One for our Low Rate and one for our High Rate) The past administrator was kicked off and if any other aside from Griever, Complex, Strife or myself has it; they are inactive. I would grately appreciate it if I may be able to get the information or login needed so I may be able to remake the advertisment. We are in a new era now for Faith and would like a clean start on


you can register and create a new one, then link the new one from your site and let us know.  We will check it out and remove the old one that is no longer linked from the site. (If you are still using the same site)  Otherwise just create a new one and let the old one get rot and expire.

The owner of the account can turn the listing off him/herself if you can get in contact with the person in charge.

Guilty Dreams

The simple fact with the old owner is that he left on a bad note so I doubt he'll hand it over easily but we will re-create a new one and I hope you can delete the old one. ^^ Thank you very much. <3

Edit: I forgot to add how do I make my account on RMS as a Server Owner? I'm sorry for the newbish question.
Edit 2: Nevermind, I'm retarded. Figured it out, Lol.


the faithRO from 2006 has been hidden.