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Author Topic: DreamerRO intentionally taken down for a day by bitter server owner  (Read 1950 times)

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Offline tattenow

The owner/GM of DreamerRO decided to intentionally take the server down for a day because apparently he was unhappy with people writing bad reviews about the server on RMS and/or not writing enough positive reviews. He has now taken it down so everyone can "reflect on what DreamerRO means" and appreciate it in its absence. Now when the server does actually go down from real unavailability, you have even less leeway because you decide to take the server down when you feel like it without a real reason (i.e. actual maintenance, service outage, upgrade, etc.)

Very immature, haughty, and arrogant move, and a huge turn off for new players like me.


Offline yC

As a measure to protection our system, the server listing will be offline for as long as the server is offline for the above reasons.  It is covered in our terms that server should be online to have a listing (we can understand there could be maintenance / host problem).  We do not wish to take any chances when there are misunderstanding and misleading statements were made.