Started by Yoshino, Mar 21, 2013, 01:53 PM

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As I've read the rules for posting or enlisting ROs on RMS.net, it is said that a server shouldn't be asking for votes or they will be remove from the list.

Well I've tried TalonRO once and I don't know how to confirm it, but it indeed has a vote-for-points system which can be accessed via their main website thru Control Panel


Quoteproviding incentives to their players for reviews

If it's not about reviews, it's not against RMS rules afaik, yC may clarify it better probably.

Any screenshots provided by you will also help because I can't find anything at the CP->vote-for-points system related to RMS at the current time.


Nevermind, I re-read the given rule of RMS, I thought it was server asking for votes even beyond RMS. So, if you may, please close this thread.

My apologies, and thank you.