DOTA Ragnarok Online - Not actually a roleplaying server

Started by Taco, Mar 12, 2013, 01:49 AM

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Pretty much what the title says. It's listed as an RP server, but it's just another server with no mention of roleplaying anywhere. Nothing in their rules, nothing on the forum, searches come up with nothing.


Yea I changed my thinking for role play a bit while doing an update to the listing options sometime ago.

I see it having elements heavily related to Dota is "RP" in a way, it's like Pokemon RO if they have the strong relation to a theme other than RO they can be considered for it (I recall they asked but I said no but later I think again...).  For example in this Dota RO you would be inevitably seeing and doing some of the Dota related things/events, players should be expected to know the server is built around a Dota environment before joining.

It's not the real role play where players act as a hero / villager idk ... I understand what you mean.  These type of servers do have their uniqueness, right now there isn't a "themed" option (because barely I see any fall into this category so it can just share the RP mode).  I guess you can think of it as players don't have to strictly role play but the server is role playing itself into something else other than RO.

It depend how much of the theme is integrated into the game.  Obviously, you can't just have a few story npc to be considered RP.