Does anyone know if they closed syncRO?

Started by Fafnir, Oct 13, 2006, 06:54 PM

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Well i was looking around ratemyserver and it says it is no longer there. Luckly i had bookmarked its spot before this happened and i enderved to write a review, it had just told me that "This server is no longer up or rating." And as if to make these things worse the syncRO website/forum is no longer there. :'( If anyone has any information on these things it would be greatly appreictaed


if it's not on RMS anymore, that means either we decided it's dead OR the owner taken the entry off because he closed server.  We periodically clean the list to remove dead/closed servers (well lately i got no time to do anything ><).


well thats a bummer  :'(maybe ill ty your server two