BurnRO Dead End Site?

Started by Zone, Dec 17, 2007, 02:28 PM

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I checked the website of this server, and all it lets you do is vote or it.

Ambrose Merle


Mind double checking?
It may just be me, but that looks like the entire server breaks ToS, since there is no server, the site does not have the server, or anything other than vote pages.
Even the Enter button sends you to vote.

Ambrose Merle

Double checked, agree, moving on with life (last post on this topic)


k, thanks Merle, just making sure it isn't my browser.


actually no, everytime i go to it u have to click enter (the 'enter' img at the end of the page) and then it will open a new tab/window to give u the voting thing.  You just have to close the voting tab/window and go back to the site then click the enter image again.

Isn't that a mess?  I am pretty sure they are against the TOS of the voting sites.

And they already violated our TOS for providing incentive to player for reviews just yesterday.  Their old listing is banned.  This one is their new one, usually i keep banned servers off the list for 2 weeks at least.  But look at the status of the listing guess I don't have to do anything.



ROFL, well they have some nice description on their listings  ;) so much details and I wonder how they managed to get 100 people online -__-
Foreign wild.


Eh, who knows, massive friendslist?
A secret clan of RO nerds off the coast of Iceland?
Quote from: Tootsie Pop CommercialThe world may never know...


What a poor way to get people to vote.


Indeed, I wouldn't join the server just because of that.
That is very misleading.


Quote from: Zone on Dec 24, 2007, 03:05 AM
Indeed, I wouldn't join the server just because of that.
That is very misleading.

It's one of the many reasons why I wouldn't join that server.


And many others probably won't.
That would annoy me to no end.


burnRO yea i kno lolz they shut it down

but i loved that server i miss it but i moved on to

mangekyuRO now that rocks! better i think


I don't mind the voting thing... but the hassle they gave on players or worse, the new players are just insane... it's like a quest just to get in and it ain't funny  ::)

I bet they don't get voluntary votes so they manipulate it  >:(
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