Altered Genesis

Started by radioactive769, Feb 18, 2023, 06:49 PM

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Please pay attention to this server developer/founder. He keeps deleting our reviews eventho we're posting an honest comments. Second , this server dev/founder is a big scam.
Money milking server and especially will give donation items/custom cards free for his friend. Beware guys. Disconfrost Vanz, stop scam people and take their money while you give items for free for your friends. Scammer!


Please pay attention that no server can delete review.  That would be a broken system if RMS allow review and allow server to delete review.

Check your email.  The below was sent to you earlier:



We are letting you know that your reviews were deleted by the RMS staff, but you should know if you have read our review guidelines.  No server can delete reviews in the RMS system.

Your review is against our review guidelines because:

-  It is based on your experience on a previous server.
-  You indicated that you did not play the server listed and thus you have no experience on the server to share.
-  Giving every rating category a 1/10 score without explanation for the categories is considered an unreasonable review.

Since you have failed to follow our review guidelines twice when reviewing the same server.  We have marked your account unsuitable for review on the said server.

- RMS Team


That is, you spammed 10/100 review on a server that is new where you only played a server that is previously ran by the same team.  That's not how it works, your review is considered a troll.